Internet Safety

Protecting Yourself on the World Wide Web

How Large is Your Online Footprint?

How Large is Your Online Footprint?

First, take a look at what having "Digital Footprint" means. You leave your make on the Internet, so be careful about what you are putting on there!

Tips For All

Now you know...keep these tips in mind about the Internet. It's a scary world out there!
NetSafety Blog: Digital Footprints

Net Safety Blog: Digital Footprints

Just check these videos and websites out so you are aware of everything out in the Internet!
Survivor Diaries - Real Teens Talk About Internet Predators

Survivor Diaries-Internet Safety

The Internet is being utilized more and more by pre-teenagers and teenagers these days, and it is beneficial to let them know what the Internet holds for them out there. It goes beyond Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. The World Wide Web holds many different sites, which goes beyond what we see. Middle school is an age of growing up, so just keep yourself protected, and know what link you are clicking on when you click it! And never, ever, talk to a stranger online. Keep your friends in check, as well! It is a big world out there!
But, always remember...