Volunteer Update

Be Part of the 1st-Ever Conference Engagement Team!

Join the AAEEBL Conference Engagement Team!

Help Bring the 2013 AAEEBL Conference to Life!

This year, AAEEBL invites volunteers to serve on the Conference Engagement Team - A group of high-energy, spirited AAEEBL conference attendees who will be responsible for introducing sessions, tweeting throughout the conference, documenting conference highlights using video & social media, & actively engaging other attendees throughout the conference.

The team will be recognized with badges & ribbons on their nametags at the conference!

If you are interested in being part of this team, here are ways you can get involved:


Contact AAEEBL Conference Program Committee member Ashley Kehoe at akehoe@luc.edu for more information about the Conference Engagement Team! CLICK HERE to sign-up to convene workshop sessions!