A Peek Inside Fifth Grade

Mrs. Tuttle

Happy Friday!

We are still waiting on a couple of students to submit their Glendora Library Card #. It does not have to be your child's library card. I just need an individual number as students will need this information to make good use of their Chromebook time to complete online research for our nonfiction unit.

In Reading Workshop, we continue to read 30 minutes each day as we want to maintain our stamina we've worked so hard to build. We've been focusing on characters and how objects they keep close to them, define who they are... essentially describing and using character traits.

In Writing Workshop, we are currently working on "zooming" into when our memory actually starts. We have been conferring all week together and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with them. We have also been working on a practice informative writing benchmark which students are responding to "What can you do to save water?" while using having to cite evidence from a video source and article. Many are struggling with staying focus during this time, especially as we do much writing in 5th grade!

In math, we just wrapped up Unit 1. Assessment data will go home probably in next week's Wednesday Folder. Please make sure to sign and return them on the following day. We will begin Unit 2 immediately. You can help your child by discussing place value and using the language tenths, hundredths, and thousandths as it can be difficult to understand the concepts. Also, your child should be making use of their math notebook while completing HW. It will serve as their "textbook" that you and your child may refer to when completing HW/Rem. Continue reviewing fractions as they will be coming back within the Remembering pages. Continuing working on Math facts as some students continue to struggle daily with them.

On Thursday, we participated in International Dot Day 2016! Mrs. Santo read aloud The Dot by Peter Reynolds, which tells a story of a teacher who reaches out to reluctant student, Vashti, a girl who beings a journey of self-discovery after she is challenged by her teacher to "make her mark," letting her creativity bloom, and ultimately, inspire others. Her breakthrough begins with a simple dot on a piece of paper. So, in honor of this book and creativity itself, we in Room 5 made our mark during DOTS! Check out the Shutterfly website to see students creating their very own masterpieces.

On Friday, we also met our Kinder Buddies for the very first time! Students are matched with a Kinder student, and possibly may have to double up. This is a great way for 5th graders to take that caring and helpful role as the little ones are relatively new to Sutherland. Such activities that will occur over the course of the year are introductions, play time, arts and crafts, and reading together. This is a fabulous opportunity for your child to be a role model to the younger students.

HW help will continue next week.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend!!!

Mrs. Tuttle