Media Matters

for Teachers - February Edition

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Selma Movie (Free Curriculum Guide)

Download your SELMA Curriculum Guide today! Paramount’s complimentary "Selma Curriculum Guide for Middle and High School students" features 72 pages of historical background on Selma and Voting Rights in America. The packet features 11 interdisciplinary lesson plans in History, English Language Arts, Applied Mathematics, Art and Geography. All lesson plans meet the Common Core State Standards and are supported by additional materials available on BazanED including video clips from the film, video interviews with the cast and filmmakers, 37 digital color photos, and printed resources.

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Winter Reading Challenge

If you're participating in the Winter Reading Challenge, bookmarks are due to the media center on Feb. 28th! We have extra bookmarks, if you need them. Also, it's not too late to start reading! Note: Young adult and middle-grade chapter books count twice in the prize drawing!

Scholastic Book Fair Coming Soon!

The Scholastic Book Fair will be in the media center from Friday, Feb. 6, to Friday, Feb. 13. You read that correctly! We're open one extra day this time! The fair will be open from 7:40 to 1:30 each day. Books make great Valentine's gifts, so drop in and shop with us!

26 Books to Read Before They Hit Movie Screens in 2015

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Student Access to Learn360 (StreamlineSC)

Did you know that students have access to the videos and educational materials in StreamlineSC ( which is now powered by Learn360)? Hundreds of students can use this generic login at the same time:

Login here:

Username: cloverms
Password: student

Videos that Spark Thinking, Learning, & Inspiration

Teacher Hugh McDonald uses many brilliant YouTube videos to inspire resiliency, grit, and discussion in his students, prior to guiding them in formulating their inquiry questions about their passions and wonders during their weekly Genius Hour time. Here you will find 23 of the videos he's used: (Note: You will need to go to first and unblock.)

If you like these, here are 26 more:

How to Smile (Science & Math Activities)

How to Smile is a great place for teachers to find ideas and directions for hands-on math, science, and engineering lessons. You can search for lessons by keyword or by browsing the popular activities lists. Registered users can bookmark materials within How to Smile. How to Smile has a free iPhone app that you can use to search for lessons.

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Writers Speak to Kids

In this NBC Learn special collection, children's book authors share their writing experiences to help students learn more about the craft and techniques of creative writing. Writers include Jeff Kinney, Gordon Korman, Jacqueline Woodson, and others!


Looking for a way to add some coolness and originality to digital pictures? Then PhotoFunia, a fun and simple online photo editing tool, is the ideal resource for you—and your students! Whether you want to see your portrait on the cover of a magazine, the billboards of Times Square or on the walls of the Louve—or maybe you just want to make your own mark in the sand, write graffiti text on a wall, or create a customized road sign—either way, a myriad of effects and filters are waiting for you on this fantastic site! There is no registration or software download. (Shared on "EduTech for Teachers" blog)

Where the Internet Lives

This video gives us a rare glimpse inside Google's secretive data center in Berkeley County, South Carolina (near Charleston), and it's really interesting! It's also a great learning resource to discuss energy, environment, data, technology and security. You can read more about this data center here and see some pictures here. Here is the link to Google's main data center page:

Video URL:

Fun facts about Google's data centers:

  • Google has approximately 16 data centers throughout the world.
  • A large data center has a capacity to use as much electricity as a small town in the United States.
  • Employees can bring their dogs to work.
  • Buildings are so large that Google provides bicycles for engineers to get around them
  • A stormtrooper stands guard at the North Carolina facility.
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Newspaper Map

Newspaper Map is a good resource for social studies teachers and students. Students can use the map to locate newspapers from around the world to read and gain different perspectives on world events. Reading newspapers from different parts of the world will also enable students to learn about what is culturally important to different groups of people. (Shared by Richard Byrne on his "Free Tech for Teachers" blog)

The Punctuation Guide

The web's most comprehensive guide to American punctuation!

Graphic Novel Digital Kit (Free)

What's a graphic novel digital kit, you may ask? First of all, "graphic novel" is just a fancy term for a comic book. Second, this kit has virtually everything you need to maximize your use of this awesome format in your classroom. Everything in this kit, which can be accessed by downloading the FREE zip file, can be used to find ideas for what to read or what books to utilize in your classroom. Many of our "reluctant readers" enjoy the graphic novel format, and this kit has some fantastic resources to engage these readers!

Download the kit here:

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