Local News Update

The Dust Bowl occured during the Great Depression. It was deffinatly a troubling time for Amercia. The Dust bowl was a giant dust storm where winds blew violently throughout northern Texas, Kanzas, & south Western Oklahoma. Dust was caked everywhere & it was effecting people's lungs. This gigantic Dust storm blew around the southern plains  for a total of six to eight years. It began in 1930 and ended rougly around 1940 . The reason this Dust bowl even happend was because us Americans abused and hurt the earth, This majorly effcted farmers because dust was covering the land they needed to plant on. It also affected familys finances, once again especially farmers.

Stock Market Crash!

The stock market was very popular back then. People thought they were on top of the world, they thought the stocks would always go up and never go down. The stocks made many people instant millionaires, but everyone wasted there money on partying, barely anyone thought ahead. The banks were also invested in stocks, which was a bad idea. When the stock managers decided to raise the stock prices several times to try and cool down the government. This made the people go into a frenzy. They started rushing to the bank to draw their money out, banks went bankrupt very soon. This is was started the great depression.