Eagle Express

Week of April 7-18 Living the Eagle Way: Commitment

Dates to Remember

Monday April 7: Welcome Back

  • Marcia in Admin
  • Testing Begins with Cali, Dixon,McCormick, and Houtchens
  • 9:15 PTO Meeting
  • 3:30 Leadership Meeting

Tuesday April 8

  • Marcia in Admin
  • Carolyn at DO for Principal's Meetings and LCAP Meetings

Wednesday April 9

  • Carolyn at Interviews all day
  • K/1 Writing Conference
  • PLC Grade 2
  • Testing Meeting Grades 3-5
  • Safety Meeting 4:00pm

Thursday April 10

  • 6:00 ELAC

Friday April 11

  • Flag Salute: It's a quick one!
  • Carolyn's Mid Year with Dr. Holt at DO from 11-12:30

Monday April 14

  • Marcia in Admin
  • Jimmy at AP meeting 9-1
  • Trimester 3 Progress Reports Due

Tuesday April 15

  • Marcia in Admin
  • Carolyn at DO 9:30-1:00

Wednesday April 16

  • Marcia in Admin
  • Staff meeting 2:30-4:00pm

Thursday April 17

  • 9:15 Drop and Cover Drill
  • 10:30-12:00 Dr. Holt Visiting Classrooms

Friday April 18th

  • 8:45 Flag Salute: Athlete of the Month
  • Trimester 3 Progress Reports go home
  • Carolyn at DO for teacher interviews all day


April 7th


Tables: Guzman

Back Gate: Smith

Blacktop: Mexia

Field: Faulkner

Play Structure: Manaktala

Play Structure: Mcleod


Crosswalk: Vega

Drop-Off: Dixon

Tables: Green/Miller

Blacktop: Anastasio

Blacktop: Arnold

Field: McCarthy

Play Structure: Nicol

Play Structure: Poyner


Back Gate: Cali

Crosswalk: S.Miller

Usher: Houtchens

1st Grade: Cowell/Collins

Supervision: Avella/Groff

April 14


Tables: Meeker

Back Gate: Wright

Blacktop: Graham

Field: Hogan

Play Structure: Chong

Play Structure: McGavin


Crosswalk: McCormick

Drop-Off: Relieve

Tables: Bordo/Terwilliger

Blacktop: Gidner

Blacktop: Anderson

Field: Helms

Play Structure: Phinney

Play Structure: VanVoorhees


Back Gate: Paulson

Crosswalk: Stanford

Usher: Mequet

1st Grade: Fritz

Supervision: Schroeder

Reminders and Announcements

Students will be testing from now to mid May in grades 3-5. Please remind students to be quiet in the hallways.

We will take time at our staff meeting to give feedback on the report cards.

April 26th is the Country Fair.

Open House is May 15th.

Bully Survey Results

Just a few highlights from our parent/student bully survey:

  • Both Students and parents participated.
  • The majority of our students have not been bullied.
  • Students who witness bullying either stand up for the victim or get adult help
  • Parents are the #1 person students report bullying to.
  • Students say that it is helpful when teachers talk to the class about bullying.
  • The field is the area where it occurs the most.

We will use this information to make changes to our Living the Eagle Way program next year. If you have any ideas on this topic, please share them with Marcia.