Chobani Purchase Order Processing

Learn and Execute Purchase Orders


This course is designed for the CHO IDAHO Management Team.


This course is designed to Introduce and Train the Chobani Management Team the process of requesting and executing Purchase Orders for capital, raw materials, packaging, maintenance, and operating expenditures.


The course will be a self-paced course to accommodate delivery in the manufacturing environment. Manager Team Members will enter and exit the course as time permits. The course will remain available to support the onboarding of new Management Team members throughout the startup.


Evidence of Satisfactory completion of this course is mandatory for all management team members prior to executing a Purchase Order.


This course will be self paced and is designed to be completed in 4-6 hours. The course will be available on demand through the Moodle system.


Course objectives will be aligned with current Standard Operating Procedures for the Purchase of capital, raw materials, packaging, maintenance, and operating expenditures.

Standard Operating Procedures Included in this course are as follows:

1) Purchase Order Request Form

2) Purchase Order Authorization Levels

3) Contract Negotiation

4) Vendor Set Up

5) Non Disclosure Agreements

6) Receipt of Purchase Order