press release for s.n.o.w lab 12-9-15

s.n.o.w lab

hello, my name is Olivia McCue and i am a scientist here at s.n.o.w lab. s.n.o.w stands for secret nuclear operation world. we have recently discovered a way to harvest energy for the world from nuclear fusion. we are no longer a secret!

nuclear fusion

nuclear fusion produces energy by having multiple nuclei come very close to each other and then they collide at an extremely high speed and join to form a new nucleus. when this occurs a great amount of energy is produced. the difference between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission is that fusion is fusing two or more atoms into one while fission is breaking apart a large atom.


when using nuclear fusion it is quite dangerous and many safety precautions must be taken. many people are concerned that nuclear fusion is too difficult to contain, people are also concerned about the expense of such a project. precautions that s.n.o.w lab has taken are making sure that when nuclear fusion occurs no one is near and our structure is foolproof.


economic impact

nuclear fusion is an inexhaustible energy source that can last. it is expensive to harvest but it will save tons of money because we no longer have to depend of fossil fuels such as oil. with nuclear fusion we can expand and power the world with no limitations. nuclear fusion can create almost ten times the amount of energy that fossil fuels can.
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