Breaking Horses

by Dave and Pat Sargent

Back page summary

Clint, who was sixteen years old, had never broken a horse in his life. On his first try, he dropped the reins and came down with a thud. Will he try again to ride the gray horse? You will have to read the book to find out so READ!

Main Character Description

The main character is Clint who is 16 years old. He is brave, young, smart, and awesome. He looks like a cowboy with his cowboy hat, boots, chaps, and neckerchief. He lives in the wild west. He listens to his friend Luke so he could learn how to ride the horse. He felt happy when he broke the horse.

Setting Paragraph

The book takes place in the wild west. It is hot, dusty and sandy in the wild west. There were no cars back then, just wagons and the horses pulled the wagon. Cowboys had to train them so they can pull wagons or carry people. They trained the horses on the Hatchet Ranch. A ranch would have a barn, haystacks, and corral. It also had a bunkhouse where cowboys lived.

By Ethan Wise with help from Stacy Wise