St. Louis Catholic School News

September 14, 2016

Principal's Corner

Last Thursday's Lockdown

I want to thank everyone for being so patient and understanding last Thursday at dismissal. I did not hear one complaint, which tells me you all understand the procedures we initiated were necessary.

I do want to clarify something as far as how and when decisions were made. This is prompted by some criticism of St. Louis School by people in the area (not any SLS parents). The comment was made that "SLS was going to just release the kids and wasn't going to lock down".

It was about 2:57 about the time students were to be dismissed to the bus lines. I was in the gym waiting for my kiddos to show up. The office called me on the walkie and said we may have a problem. They monitor through a scanner what is going on in town. They had heard other schools may be locked down and wondered if buses would be running. We didn't know which schools were locked down or why.

We immediately told teachers to keep all students in the classrooms until further notice. Our doors are locked throughout the day, so we still had a secure and safe environment at this time. We spent the next 5-7 minutes trying to determine what was going on and our next steps. With the information we received, we assumed buses would not run and decided that students would stay in classrooms.

A very important point here is that our football players get dismissed early so they have time to walk to middle school and change in time for practice. They had already left when we heard the news. We were able to use whistles to get their attention (they were a far distance down the street) and bring them back to school.

At 3:10 a policemen pulled up in front of school and I went out to talk to him. He informed us of the situation. I told him that I had a parking lot full of parents ready to take their children. He said it was fine to dismiss that way. We let teachers know that car riders could leave, but everyone else was to stay put. All available staff accompanied the students to the parking lot, actually surrounding the lot like a gang of intimidating hall monitors. I was even thinking the parents in the lot were probably wondering what was going on, but there was no time let you know at that point.

After the lot emptied, the next step was to send electronic communication to all of you explaining the situation and suggesting parents come pick up the rest of the students. Anyone who picked children up later saw how this was done while still keeping the kids safe. It was really well done by my staff and I can't thank them enough. This process ended when the last of our students were picked up at 5:30.

So let me go back and address the criticism. I guess taken out of context, it is true. Up until 2:57 we were going to dismiss as normal. Please know that this is not a criticism of any leaders in the community because I am sure they were busy dealing with their own issues. But there was no communication from the public school until 3:50 when we were told that buses would not be running, almost one hour after this started. The local paper stated that the police notified the other schools to lock down. There was no communication from police with SLS until 3:10 when one drove up and said, "He is in this area." Without the awareness of my office staff, this could have turned out badly through no fault of our own.

I believe the criticism is unfair and completely wrong. My staff is amazing! To have no information or communication from other entities and still pull this off was impressive.

Thank you for your support of St. Louis School.

Mr. Moeller


Substitute Teachers needed

We are looking for a few good men.....and women! St. Louis Catholic School is looking for substitute teachers. If you have 2 years of college, a smile, and enjoy teaching/helping children ages 5-14 a few days per month. Stop by and meet with our Sub Coordinator, Joan Riedeman or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Marketing Committee - Our SLS Marketing Committee is looking for additional members. If you are interested in joining our team, please email Mr. Moeller at or Amy Tonges at

Thank you!

Calendar of Events

  • September 14 - Pizza Hut Fundraiser from 11:00-11:00
  • September 15 - Volleyball @ St. Mary's (Greensburg), 6:00 pm
  • September 16 - Junior High Youth Group meeting, 3-5:00 pm
  • September 18 - St. Louis Parish Festival
  • September 19 - Volleyball @ Waldron, 5:30
  • September 20 - Volleyball @ Jac-Cen-Del, 6:00
  • September 21 - Grade 3 All School Mass
  • September 22 - Volleyball @ South Decatur, 5:30
  • September 24 - Volleyball Tourney @ Brookville MS, 9 am -- 8th Grade only
  • September 25 - Junior High Youth Group meeting, 6-8:30 pm

Festival week drop off/pick up locations


Members of the parish will be setting up tents for the parish festival. We will not be able to use the parking lot west of the school starting Tuesday, September 13th through Monday, September 19th.

Dropping your children off starting Tuesday, September 13th: Drop your children off on Walnut Street between St. Louis Place and Helene Street. Your children can then walk in front of the rectory, church, and church office to the school. Please do not drop your children off directly in front of the school. We need to leave this space for bus drop off.

Pick up in the afternoon: Please use the parking lot across St. Louis Place from the church. If it is possible for your child to ride the bus or carpool you may want to consider this option. The fewer cars we have in the parking lot the safer it will be for our children. If the tents are down by Monday afternoon, September 19th, we may be able to use the parking lot west of the school. Please check this lot first on the 19th.

Thank you!

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Upcoming Uniform Exchange Dates

Tuesday--Sept 20 -- 3:00-4:00 pm

Wednesday--Sept 28 -- 5:30-6:30 pm

(With afternoon preschool classes being added on Tuesdays, we have had to move the 2:30-3:30 time back to 3:00-4:00.)

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Thank you to everyone who sold trash bags! Congratulations to all home room winners of the Out of Uniform Pass for top sales! Trash Bag Pickup will be Friday, September 30th from 3-5:30 PM in the back parking lot (in the garage near afternoon car pick up line).

It's time for the BoxTops Contest! Place your BoxTops in a plactic baggie and mark your name, grade and homeroom teacher on the bag. The contest will run from Sept. 19 to Oct. 7. The homeroom class collecting the most BoxTops wins an ice cream party!!!!



St. Louis School's RTI/Title 1 Program

An informational meeting about our school’s RTI/Title 1 program for reading will be held on:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

6:30-7:30 pm

Room 210 (Ms. Ratcliffe’s classroom)

Please enter through the front door.

At this meeting, we will share how St. Louis’ RTI program is set up. Additionally, we will share tips to help your child become a stronger reader and offer suggestions on how to best support your child at home.

This meeting is open to all parents at St. Louis School. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Angie Moster

Title 1 Teacher

Barb Ratcliffe

Resource Teacher

Musical Notes

Fundraiser for the Junior High Musical

Our PTO generously helps cover the costs of scripts and microphones for the junior high musical each year. There are other expenses, such as costumes and props, that we depend on other funding for. Lori Hensler, a friend of Miss Kushman's, has graciously offered to host a Thirty-One fundraiser to help offset the needs we encounter each year. Instead of accepting her commission, she will donate it to the music program to help support this year's musical. This is a great opportunity to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping while supporting our biggest (and most expensive!) show of the year!

You can place your order through the website below. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Kushman If you would like to save on shipping, you can ship to hostess and Miss Kushman will deliver through your child at school. Please place orders by September 20!

Kindergarten Music Class

Why is my child bringing home a coloring sheet from music class? If you have a Kindergartener in your home, you may see coloring sheets from music. These are to help us learn our Christmas songs! One of the best things we can do to learn the songs for our performances is to listen and sing, and listen some more! To help us stay focused on listening, we color as we listen. Having a task to do makes it much easier to focus on what we are listening to. As we learn the songs, the students start singing along as they hear things they know. This is just a short amount of time at the end of class, after we have worked on memorizing our song for the day. Both classes have worked on "Away In A Manger," so see if your child will sing for you!

Mark your calendars!!

Third Grade Music Program – Wednesday, November 9, 7:00 PM SLS Activity Center

SLS School Choir – Lawrenceburg Holiday Expo, Saturday, November 19, 9:00 AM at the Lawrenceburg Convention Center

K-2 Christmas Program – Monday, December 5, 7:00 PM SLS Activity Center

Band and Choir Concert – Monday, December 12, 2:00 PM, SLS Activity Center

Fourth and Fifth Grade Program – Tuesday, April 11, 7:00 PM SLS Activity Center

Library News



Friday, September 30th to Friday, October 7th

7:20am to 7:55am before school


Wednesday, October 5th

7:00am - 7:45am

*We will have two food lines this year and a new layout for the book fair to expedite check out.

Additional Information and flyers will be in the upcoming newsletters.

Volunteers are needed. Please contact if interested in helping. All moms, dads and grandparents are welcomed.

Thank you,

Kim Schrank

St. Louis Haiti Project--your donations are greatly appreciated!

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Volunteer Spot

Cardinal Cafe, Service Projects/Parties, In-Service, Library, Super Sunday Bingo's, Teacher Appreciation/Giving Tree, Trash Bag Fundraiser, Spring Candy/Pizza Sale Fundraiser, School Supplies, and Rummage Sale.

Cafeteria volunteers needed!

Cafe still needs workers for:

1st Friday (need 2 more)

2nd Tuesday (need 1 more)

2nd Thursday (need 1 more)

2nd Friday (need 1 more)

3rd Monday (need 1 more)

3rd Tuesday (need 1 more)

3rd Friday (need 1 more)

4th Monday (need 1 more)

4th Tuesday (need 1 more)

4th Thursday (need 1 more)

4th Friday (need 1 more)

5th Monday (need 1 more)

5th Wednesday (need 1 more)

5th Thursday (need 1 more)

If you can help with any of these days please give us a call at 812-934-3310.

Times would be from 10:15-1:00

Thank you!
Tammi and Carla

In-Service Volunteers Needed

Additional volunteers are needed for the following In-Service dates:

September 22nd, 27th, and 30th

October 25th and 27th

November 22nd

January 24th

February 28th

April 25th

May 23rd

Please contact Jill Weberding if you are available to help. Thank you!


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PIZZA HUT Fundraiser--today from 11 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Remember to put the Pizza Hut fundraiser on your calendar the 2nd Wednesday of each month. They are kind enough to continue this for us once again.

Be sure to take your "coupon" along with you!

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Athletic Forms

Click here for a link to the forms.

Cheerleading sign ups

Just a reminder that cheer sign ups are now taking place for 5,6,7, & 8th grade girls. These will be collected 9/19. Please contact Mike Burkhart with any questions..

Volleyball News--GO Lady Cardinals!!

7th Grade Volleyball

Last week St. Louis traveled on Tuesday to South Dearborn and won in two games. Scores being 25-15 and 25-21Serving points for St. Louis Faith Tekulve with 8, Regina Gerstbauer with 7, Ellie Cornett with 6, Elizabeth Gigrich with 4 and Chelsea Robertson with 1. All the ladies played great offense and defense during the game.

Last Thursday the girls played at home against a very tough Greendale Bengals team. Scores being 25-24, 25-11, and 15-10 We were able to get the win in 3 very close games. Regina Gerstbauer served us 14 points with 6 aces, Faith Tekulve with 4 points 3 aces, and Elizabeth Gigrich bring in 3 with 2 aces. Great back row play by all the girls. We did a great job receiving a very tough serve also.

8th Grade Volleyball

St. Louis 8th Grade Cardinal Volleyball Team defeated South Dearborn Squires. 25-18 & 25-19 Grace Laudick led the team with 11 points followed by Olivia Geers 8 points, Betsy Harmeyer 3 points and Olivia McElhoe, Lauren Gutzwiller and Leila Savage with 2 points each. The girls stepped up their offensive play with their play at the net. The passing from Olive Cerniglia and Martha Hillenbrand help setup Laudick and Harmeyer to run the offense with 4 hits each.

After a great win for the team, a loss struck the team against Greendale Bengals. 16-25 & 16-25 The team started off strong in the first game but lost the momentum after Greendale served 5 straight points. Unlike the first game the team struggled in the first part of the second game. The Cardinals battled back after being down 10-20. The top server was Lauren Gutzwiller with 6 points followed by Grace Laudick 4 points, Leila Savage and Olivia Geers had 2 points each and Betsy Harmeyer with 1 point.

7th Grade "10th Annual" Volleyball Classic Tourney

Saturday St. Louis held their 10th annual volleyball classic tourney. St. Louis 7th grade is proud to announce they were the Champions of this tournament. They didn't lose a game the whole day, and these girls played their hearts out!

Match one was against St. Mary's of Greensburg. SLS played two games to 15. Game one was 15-5. Game two was 15-1. Serving us to the win game 1 was Regina Gerstbauer with 6 points 3 aces, Ellie Cornett with 2 points 1 ace, Elizabeth Gigrich with 1 point being an ace, and Faith Tekulve with 1 point. Audrey Beiser had 1 kill. Game 2 was served up by Regina Gerstbauer with 8 points 2 being aces, and Elizabeth Gigrich getting 5 points 2 being aces.

Match two was against Greensburg Junior High. SLS played two games to 15. Game one was 15-13. Game two was 15-3. Serving us to the win for game 1 was Regina Gerstbauer with 6 points 1 ace, Elizabeth Gigrich with 1, and Faith Tekulve with 1. Game 2 was served up by Regina Gerstbauer with 8 points 4 aces, and Faith Tekulve with 3 points and 1 ace.

Match three was against St. Michael's. SLS played two games to 15. Game one ended 15-11. Game two was 15-8. Game 1 was served up by Regina Gerstbauer with 5 points 4 aces, Elizabeth Gigrich with 1 ace, and Lilly Wonnell with 1 point. Game 2 was served up by Lilly Wonnell with 5 points, and Faith Tekulve with 3 aces.

The championship game was played against St. Michael's as they had the second highest points accumulated throughout the day. This match was played as normal. Two games to 25 and if need be for a tie one game to 15. SLS was able to win in two games to 25. Game one was 25-21, and game two was 25-22. Serving the first game was Faith Tekulve with 5 points 2 aces, Ellie Cornett with 3 points 2 aces, Elizabeth Gigrich with 2 points 1 ace, and Regina Gerstbauer with 2 points. Game two was served by Faith Tekulve with 8 poinst 1 ace, Regina Gerstbauer with 4 points and 2 aces, Elizabeth Gigrich with 1 ace, and Ryanna Phillips with 1. Back row play by Chelsea Robertson and Ryanna Phillips was exactly what we needed it to be. Audrey Beiser, Lilly Wonnell did a great job in the front row.

All of the girls (Regina Gerstbauer, Elizabeth Gigrich, Ellie Cornett, Lilly Wonnell, Faith Tekulve, Audrey Beiser, Ryanna Phillips, and Chelsea Robertson) played amazing, and worked as a team. Go St. Louis Cardinals.

Cross Country Meet

The Batesville Middle School boys won their cross country meet against Sunman Dearborn on Monday. Ean Loichinger won the boys race followed by Benjamin Moster, 2nd, James Kuisel, 3rd, Dillon Murray, 4th, Tyler Kuntz, 6th, and Lyle Oesterling, 9th.

The Batesville Middle School girls won their race against Greendale and Sunman Dearborn. Lily Pinckley finished 3rd, followed by Emma Weiler, 4th, Sarah Ripperger, 5th, Maria Lopez, 6th, Katie Olsen, 7th, and Sophie Myers, 9th.


Batesville 16

Sunman Dearborn 44


Batesville 25

Sunman Dearborn 42

Greendale 90

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Friends of the Library Book Sale

Batesville Library Used Book & Media Sale September 15-16-17

Friends of Batesville Memorial Public Library are having their used book and media sales on September 15-16-17. Over 10,000 books, videos, CD's and books on tape will be sold from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Library Annex Building, 10 W. Boehringer St.

Prices are hardbacks - $1, paperbacks - 50 cents, all children books - 25 cents , and videos - $1. Proceeds from the book sale help support the library. The $2 bag sale starts on Saturday, beginning at 3:00 p.m.

Basketball training

Please see information below on training opportunity by a parishioner and former St Louis basketball coach.

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Batesville Main Street Invites Area Residents to Public Meeting

Batesville Main Street will hold its annual public meeting on Saturday, Sept. 17, from 2:30-3:30 pm, at Amack’s Well Community Coffee House on George Street. The meeting time will immediately follow the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay, which is scheduled to pass through Batesville at 2:30 pm.

During the meeting, Main Street board members will provide updates in several areas, including strategies designed to revitalize downtown businesses and spaces. In addition, an update will be provided on the group’s efforts to finalize plans for its overall structure and working relationships with local governments, businesses and non-profit groups. Committee updates will be provided on economic restructuring, promotions, and design.

Batesville’s downtown businesses are invited to participate in the meeting. Each downtown business will be given 5 minutes to share information with the community and to promote their business. Promotional materials can be brought to the meeting and shared with attendees.


Main Street’s mission is to stimulate downtown revitalization in Batesville through: organization by encouraging cooperation and building leadership for the downtown community; promotion by creating a positive image for downtown by promoting the downtown as an exciting place to live, shop, invest, be entertained and attend activities; design by preserving the historical aspects and improving the appearance of downtown; and economic restructuring by communicating regularly with businesses and property owners to ascertain their needs and to promote economic restructuring and commercial growth. Main Street is led by local volunteers and welcomes participation from downtown businesses and community members.

Visit us at:
For additional information contact:

Mary Dickey
Executive Director
Margaret Mary Health Foundation
Tel: 812.933.5141
Parent-Student Handbook

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