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Campus Weekly Update

1st Year E-News By Alex Gonzalez

The last week of the First Year’s League of Our Own project is here, and competition is tight. Earlier this week, all of the First Years were gathered in Learning Space 1 to form alliances between teams. Based on the preliminary launches made by all teams last week, the highest ranking teams sent a “captain” from each team to go up and pick other teams to be in their alliance. Eight alliances have been formed, 3-4 teams each, made with the purpose of working together to help each other win the tournament. Captains were not allowed to pick teams of a higher rank for their alliances, nor were they allowed to reject offers to be in alliances. As soon as the 8 alliances were made, the teams got together to formulate a plan to win the tournament and take the trophy home. To prepare, teams have been improving their throwing devices by testing them in the South Parking Lot of the school. Teams have also been working to create scripts of commentary for the day of competition. The competition is from 11am-5pm tomorrow (February 6th), located at 6600 Stadium Dr, Plano, TX 75023. All of this preparation begs the question: who will win Saturday, February 6 at John Clark Field?
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2nd Year E-News By Jonathan Main

As they rolled out their new project, Second Year learners took some time to seek closure on their most recently completed project, Beneath the Surface and participated in the deconstruction of their subs. One learner was overheard saying, “And I thought it was hard to put the sub together.” The new project, Quantum Leap, is all about video games and the story/development process behind making them. Many learners are excited and enthusiastic about this new project, even learners who don’t enjoy video games can’t wait to participate in the development process. The week was spent working towards the end goal of creating their own video game. This included beginning to sketch plots, plans, and characters for their games. Next week, many groups will hone their plot lines and determine the nature of story they want to tell.

3rd Year E-News By David Yang

This week, Mr.Young, along with other facilitators, organized peer and expert review sessions to improve presidential research essays (due February 8th). Experts from the University of North Texas, Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas at Dallas and other community leaders from around the city came to participate and provide useful feedback around the research and writing process. The presidential research essay calls for learners to research and recommend a course of action to their respective president. Experts were impressed with the level of content knowledge and effort put into the detailed research papers, ranging from economic analyses, all the way to war preparations. Presidents ranged from Theodore Roosevelt (1901) to incumbent Barack Obama. In addition to the review meetings, learners have also working to develop their engineering and art deliverables, interactive presidential library components and conflict art pieces respectively.

4th Year E-News By Rachel Varnell

Fourth Years are beginning to prototype and put together their projects and ideas for It’s Alive. This week, groups are going through audits so facilitators can get an idea of where everyone stands in the progress of their project deliverables. Almost all groups are beginning to get excited about what they are creating and are narrowing down brainstormed ideas in order to craft a final project blueprint. It will be exciting to see the progress in coming weeks.

SAVE THE DATE! March 1st

Both 3rd Years and 4th Years will have a combined public presentation night on Tuesday, March 1st! Presidential Libraries and It's Alive prototypes will be on display and ready for your interaction!

Counselors Corner:

Colleges on Campus

February 23rd- Texas Colleges and Universities College Fair at lunch featuring over 15 Texas institutions.

February 26th- Lunch time college fair including: Louisiana Tech, Ohio State University, Purdue University, University of Kansas, University of Missouri , University of Pittsburgh

Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program

There will be a press conference held at our school regarding the internship program next week! Look for the story in local media outlets!

Interested in an 8 week paid internship program in a company or non-profit in Plano?

They will be looking for 50-100 interns.

The program is open to sophomores and juniors who will be 16 years old before June 13, have a GPA above 3.0, and a solid attendance record.

Flyers are available in the Counseling office or check out the website at www.planomayorsintern.org for more information.

Spring EOC Dates

The English I test date is March 29. All first years will take English I.

The English II test date is March 30. All second years will take English II.

All other EOC administrations will be the first week in May.

Thank you in advance for planning doctor visits, etc. around these dates.

AP Tests

If your learner is planning on taking an AP exam this spring, payment for AP Tests is due by February 26th.

Payment can be made in cash or through Paypams.

Below are the instructions:

· Payment for AP exams can be made by check or through PayPAMS.

Payment by check : Give to Mrs. Parker in the Counseling office

-Checks should be made out to Plano Academy High School.

-Each AP exam is $92.

-In the memo line, please write your students name and ID number.

Payment by PayPAMS:

Go to https://paypams.com/HomePage.aspx

-Login to your current account

-On the main menu, look for: AP Test – Plano Academy High School

You will choose either “high school” for 1st 2nd years

“senior high school” for 3rd years

-Choose every exam for which you are preparing

-The total payment will be calculated by paypams.

-A $3.00 fee has been added to each test in order to use PayPAMS.

We need more Junior and Senior Girls to participate in our Dress for Success Fashion Show! Please see Ms. Ojeda on Monday to sign up or sign up via this link: http://tinyurl.com/ahsdressforsuccess

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