Out of my Mind

The Story of a Lifetime


Elleven year old Melody has Cerebral Palsy. Melody can't walk, move, or even talk. But, Melody has a photographic memory. The problem is, she can't tell anybody that she is so smart because she has no way of doing it. Once people find out Melody is very smart, she joins a quiz team. Melody struggles to fit in with other kids, but soon finds out she might not be as different as she thinks she is.

Main Characters, Setting, Problem, and Solution

Main Characters: Melody, mom, dad, Penny, Mrs.V, and The Quiz Group

Setting: Spaulding Street Elementary School, Melody's house, and Mrs.V's house

Problem: Melody can't tell anyone that she's smart and has a photographic memory

Solution: Melody gets a machine to show everyone how awesome she is

Things that represent melody