Are They Really a Smart Option?

Why Drones?

Drones are small flying robots that can be used for the mailing of packages. Flying robots can also be used to moniter areas of interest and can help spot criminals. The drones can be compared to eejits in the book The House of the Scorpion, because the eejits are mindless people who do one menial task over and over, like drones.


Many concerns about drone delivery have come up. Some of them include: job loss, safety, and obesity rates rising. The number of jobs is falling, so why should we make drones to take more of those jobs away? Waite said that putting drones in the air is “essentially launching a flying lawnmower into the air.” Lastly, making robots to do work for us will increase the obesity rate even more, since we are not doing the work ourselves.

The Makers

By Emilija Kaupaite and Claire Rightley