Book Club Journal #2

By: Christine Abanto (Will Grayson Group)

Summary of What Happened:

At this book club my group began to drift from talking about basic plot and discussed more about character traits and theme development. Now in section 2, everyone in our group is fully aware that the book is written in two perspectives and how different the Will Grayson are. In this section, we get to know each Will Grayson and their distinct characteristics. My group discussed how one of the Will Graysons is much more pessimistic than the other. We realized this was due to his constant battle with depression. On the other hand, my group also discussed how scared the other Will Grayson is of getting into a relationship. We compared and contrasted the basic features each Will Grayson had so that when character development occurs we'll be able to spot it immediately. Afterwards we discussed theme development in this section. Aiden and I were trying to get Luke to speak up more since he hadn't been participating a lot in the discussion. Luke came up with a simple but fitting theme for section 2. He said the theme for the section was "Express Yourself" which I agreed with. However, we didn't get enough time to find evidence from the text to support it. I feel like as a group we are becoming more used to spotting theme development. It's also becoming easier to spot development in general now that we're basically forced to do so at each book club meeting.

Quotes I Like From the Book

What We Need to Work On:

  • Making sure everyone gets to contribute to the discussion
  • Staying on topic
  • Getting rid of awkward pauses
  • Finding direct quotes in the book to supports our thoughts