by ben webster


I asked 8 people 10 questions about what they though about their health overall.

No one skipped a question so therefor all questions were answered evenly.

Most of the people i asked were between 10 and 18 and the rest were older than 35



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I wasnt very suprised about the outcome of this question as it was planned that way


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I was suprised to see that 10 to 17 was the most common answer for this question then the next most "popular" was the 35 to 44 age group and that also suprised me


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I asked most of my friends from school to complete this survey so i was expecting to see that most of the answers would be "student", but i think the answer being "full time babysiter, conflict resolution expert was obviously a bit of a joke

What sport do you play

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I was suprised to see how much of a range of sport there is i would of thought there would just to 3 - 4 main sports bbut there was 12 different answers for this question

Fitness rating

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I was expecting to see the range of fitness rating and i was happy to see that there was no one that thought that they were under a five. 6,8,10 all had the same outcome

Do you like playing sport

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I was glad to see that most people that i surveyed like to play sport and the rest would like to play sport, but it depends on what the sport is

Do you belong to a sporting club

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i was supried to see that nearly 90% of people belong to a sporting club and about 15% didnt

Time spent on physical activity

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I was suprised about how much time some people spent on physical activity, the highest being 7 - 10 hours per week

Current injuries or health problems

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I was glad to see that not much people had injuries or health problems. but the answer "i need to kill jaxon" i thought was not needed