Wilson Weekly

Week of Aug 19th, 2019

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Action Items

  • PTO Reimbursements - Be sure to save receipts, so you may receive your $100 reimbursement from the PTO!
  • Service Opportunity - Please email Cooper if you are interested in participating in the CHS meal-packing project on the morning of Aug 24th.
  • NAVIGATE App - Please follow the directions in the Safety & Security section below to download the app and set up your account before our first Fire Drill.
  • Announcements - Given the lag in Tech Support, we are still not able to begin digital announcements. We will lead them over the PA starting Monday. If you are not able to hear them, please plan to begin your day with the pledges and moment of silence (required by law).
  • Lunch - Please continue to have kids grouped by homeroom in the Cafe line. It is a HUGE help to Nora and the Cafe ladies.
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Great Expectations "Crash Courses"

These dates have been added to the Wilson Outlook calendar...

GE Crash Courses for non-trained campus new hires:

  • Monday, Aug 26th @ 3:15
  • Monday, Sept 9th @ 3:15

All new hires (including Instructional Aides) who have not previously been trained should plan to attend!

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Speaking of Great Expectations...

During the first two weeks of school, it's all about relationships! For Great Expectations we will focus on establishing these six Practices:

  • Model desired behaviors and attitudes as stated in our Eight Expectations for Living and our Life Principles

  • Establish a non-threatening environment - mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn and grow

  • Establish a positive and caring environment - give kind looks, kind words, and kind touch, and discipline with dignity and logic

  • Recite a school, class, or personal creed daily
  • Guarantee success for all learners by focusing on learner growth
  • "Teach on your feet" - utilize proximity and engage learners personally

Collaborative Team Time

Our CTT calendar starts Monday! A comprehensive schedule may be found in the CTT portion of the Wilson Schoology Course.

Jordan, Andi, and I have created an agenda that we will lead you through for our first round. There is nothing for you to prepare! Teams will meet in Andi's new room (C102) at 7:30 on their designated team day.

Early Childhood - Holcombe is working with each campus to create a calendar of PreK Collaborative Team days!

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Safety & Security

NaviGate Prepared- As we start our drills for this year, we will be using a platform called NaviGate Prepared. I will do a brief training on NaviGate at our first faculty meeting. In the meantime, click below for the directions on how to download the app and set up your account. We are hoping to be able to try the app out for our first fire drill!

Standard Response Protocol - An SRP badge card is being placed in your box. Please add it to your employee badge clip, so that you have it at all times on campus.

Safety and Security Folders

    • If you are new to Wilson, I will be placing a folder in your box that has red/green cards that you will use in case NaviGate is not working during drills or a crisis. On the back of the cards, there is a place for your class roster. Please go ahead and fill that out.

    • Returning teachers if you need green/red cards, let me know!


Navigate App

You may download this on your phone and/or iPad.

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Week At A Glance

Monday - College Shirt Day
  • SpEd Team Time

Tuesday - Ed Foundation or PTO Shirt (blue w/ camo TX) Day

  • Kinder Team Time


  • 1st Team Time


  • 2nd Team Time
  • 4th/5th iPad Rollout

Friday - Spirit Shirt (Team, Wilson, CISD)

  • 1st Rise & Shine - Staff led
  • 2nd/3rd iPad Rollout
  • Deadline for Benefits Enrollment (for returning staff)