Hedgcoxe Hounds- Monday Memo

May 22 to May 28

Monday May 23

2:50-3:50 Chess Club

Tuesday May 24

3:15-4:15 SBIC Meeting

Wednesday May 25

Watch DOG Dad: Michael Payne 4th Grade

3:15-5:15 Staff Dinner: Cafe Del Rio

Thursday May 26

8:30-9:30 Memorial Day Parade: Wear Red, White and Blue!

10:45 Graduation Practice: Gym

11:00-12:00 2nd Grade Picnic: Hoblitzelle Park

12:00-1:00 4th Grade Picnic: Hoblitzelle Park

1:00-2:30 5th Grade Kite Day: Football Field

Friday May 27

Student Holiday

Staff Development: Textbooks, class lists, gather documents to be shredded, work on end of year checklist...

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ESL Corner:

Are you Cleaning closets out yet ? or are you waiting to do that over the summer?

Do you have any unwanted educational games –leap frog, fisher price, games or children’s books that would be appropriate for 4-5 year olds? If so please consider donating them to ESL!

Free Apps to Support Vocabulary Acquisition by ELLs- If you happen to conference with parents here are a few suggestions:


Being bilingual 'boosts brain power-BBC article


If you are interested in a Summer read...interesting book!

How the ELL Brain Learns

David Sousa

Staff Birthdays this week!

Shout Outs:

Thank you so much to Vickie Grayson, Faye Middleton, Karen Rippel, Kristi Graham, Connie Prince and Janice Jones for contributing so many darling decorations for our Volunteer Luncheon!

A HUGE Thank you to every staff member for letting me come “shop” in your classrooms for décor for the luncheon.

Big Thank You to Janice Jones, Nina Tabanian, Joy Roberts, and Karen Rippel for helping so much with the luncheon. I couldn’t do it without you girls!

Thank you Shelley and Sarah for all you do for our team and for these sweet kindergarteners!

Shout out to the KG team, SPED team, and Karen Rippel for hosting a wonderful Kindergarten Kick-Off!

Everyone pitched in and it was a smooth and successful event!

Vickie for leading a great PLC committee this year.

Tamicah and Amy for always ready with a good laugh and being such awesome teammates.

Nina for going above and beyond to help my sweet kids this year.

Karen for offering to take me to school when I needed a ride.

Kristi for helping first grade students see a happy ending with our chick hatching! J

Christine always being so positive .

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

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Happy Memorial Day!!