Smartphone Schools

Developed by ALIIM - A Mobile Learning NGO

Beyond the Walls of Traditional Classrooms

The Smartphone Schools program was developed around the belief that every child has a right to education. For a tech prone generation, that means there are no excuses. If children cannot come to school, we must bring school to them. It really is that simple.

Based on this concept, Aliim has created a nonformal mobile learning program that will reach some of the most marginalized and vulnerable youth - Syrian refugees. These youth rank amongst the lowest in region for school enrollment and completion rates because of financial obstacles, limited school facilities, and safety concerns.

They are also are the ones that need education the most. For them, education can break the poverty cycle. It helps them positively deal with the stresses of war. And it gives them a future in their new communities.

Our Smartphone Schools program aims to bring the classroom right into the hands of refugees and vulnerable youth, empowering them to learn at any time and in any place.