Saturday, February 1st, 2020


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This week we will set up for our Celtic Gala 2020 happening this Saturday, Feb. 1st. The Celtic Gala is our most important fundraiser of the year. It helps us fund our Tuition Assistance program, which allows so many of our students to attend Holy Trinity. We encourage everyone to consider joining us for this special event and show your support for our school.

You can support by buying tickets for and/or making a donation to the Gala. Your support helps us create the budget from which we then disburse all Tuition Assistance. It is vital that we receive support in this, so that we may continue to assist all our families who choose to send their children to Holy Trinity. If you receive Tuition Assistance, we especially ask that you consider giving back so we can continue our Tuition Assistance program. No gift to the Gala is too small. But your presence at the Gala is the best gift of all! We really hope to see you there.

You may purchase your Gala tickets directly at the office, or you may purchase your Gala tickets online by clicking on the following link (if you cannot attend, please consider clicking on the link below to make a donation to our Gala, or bring your donation directly to the front office - your support in turn supports our students!):

Main Event Ticket Page - https://app.hellofund.com/view/WVPYbpw9


Pictures from last year's Gala - it's a beautiful event and you get a chance to see another side of HT!

The Class baskets for the Live Auction

Your contributions to your child's class basket make a huge difference! We assemble them into these amazing baskets that are auctioned off at the Live Auction. It's super fun to watch people get into bidding wars over the items that we all contributed to! Please be generous this year when you donate to your child's basket. And the class whose item gets the highest bid wins a pizza party and spirit day. So support your kiddos' grade and help them win!

Guests are treated to an elegant meal

More Live Auction items at the 2019 Gala

The 2019 Silent Auction included some amazing items, including the 4 family baskets.

But that was last year. Please support the 2020 Gala so it can be the best one yet. Our students are the Light of the World. Let's be their light!

No gift to the Gala is too small. But your presence at the Gala is the best gift of all! We really hope to see you there.

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A few other reminders...

1) HT Families (Killian, Columba, Finnian, and Aidan) all put together baskets for the silent auction. Family sponsors will be coordinating that with your student. We usually ask for students to bring items that pertain to their family basket, or a monetary donation.

The family baskets are as follows:

Columba--Movie Basket

Killian--Valentine's Basket

Aidan-- Rainy Day Basket

Finnian-- Handyman Basket

2) HT Classes (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior) also pitch in to make bigger class baskets that are auctioned off as a live auction item. You may donate a monetary amount ($20 is recommended) or you may bring items that pertain to your class basket.

The class baskets are as follows:

Freshman--St. Rose Gardener's Basket. Here is the link to sign up for items with google sheets.


Sophomore--St. Drogo of Sebourg Coffee Lover's Basket. Here is the link to sign up for items with google sheets. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YcBD9d8FIM2eov9QDoURkysJtZuQbToaqdFbovhwkvk/edit#gid=0

Junior--St. Clare Entertainment Basket. Here is the link to sign up for items with google sheets.


Senior--St. Lawrence of Rome Cook's Basket. Here is the link to sign up for items with google sheets.


Everyone should be able to sign up, but if you cannot, you might have to request permission to sign up. You may also just bring items up to the school office. All items for Class baskets and Family Baskets must be turned in by Monday January 27th to allow us time to put it all together.

Thank you, thank you for helping with these items for our school gala!

Jordanna Richesin

HTCHS Advancement


The Annual Holy Trinity Gala is the most important fundraiser of the year. We invite you to consider being a part of the fun by either attending our gala and/or joining our dynamic team of volunteers. Below are two areas we are in need of volunteers for:

* Class Baskets: In past years, each class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) makes a "basket" for the Gala. It's approaching that time of year again and we are in need of parents for each grade level to help organize and oversee the creation of the class baskets.

***We auction all 4 class "baskets" at the Live Auction during the Gala.***

The baskets do really well and are loved by all and are well bid on items at the Gala. They help us make meet our fundraising goal and are essential to the success of our Gala. Come be a part of a special group of families that helps make our Gala special.

* Planning and Coordinating: We are putting together our planning and coordinating teams and would love to invite you to join the fun. There is everything from helping advertise our gala, to decorating, planning the dinner, planning games, helping with the Silent and/or Live Auctions. Everything you do helps our Gala, which helps our school.

Helping with the Celtic Gala is a great way to support Holy Trinity and meet other families and work 'behind the scenes'. If you are interested in being on a Class Basket Team or on the Planning and Coordinating Team (or both!), please contact Mrs. Jordanna Richesin: jrichesin@holytrinitychs.org.


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Volunteers in the Community

All families are encouraged to volunteer in their communities. Like our students who serve at school AND out in their community, Families can apply up to 10hrs of community service to their 20hr Family Service requirements. If you can wear an HT Spirit T-shirt to a community service event, we'd love a picture so we can share your wonderful community spirit!

All families are asked to complete 20 service hours


No gift to the Gala is too small. But your presence at the Gala is the best gift of all! We really hope to see you there.