Happenings in 5th Grade AIG Class

with Mrs. Yopp


Algebraic Thinking

Over the last several weeks students have been working on understanding algebraic thinking. Students started off by solving equations with unknowns and figuring out the rule that applied to each set of problems. Next students moved their thinking into working with word problems and solving those. Their brains have been working hard at figuring out the unknowns.

Breakout Boxes

This past nine weeks, students have also enjoyed using the digital Breakout Boxes through Breakout EDU. I am able to assign them games in Google Classroom based on the standards they are doing in the classroom. They are also able to use this tool as an extension in their classrooms. Students have enjoyed having different puzzles to solve.

Immigration Unit

Very soon students will begin a unit on Immigration. Through this unit, students will be learning about Ellis Island through role-playing the same character, the President of the United States. To help them make decisions, they will have four advisers, represented in the different briefing books. Students will be responsible for sharing the information with their teammates and then walking through the decision-making process.

Contact Information

Just a reminder, that if you ever have any questions or concerns to please feel free to contact me. The best way is through email: tera.yopp@bcsemail.org.

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