European Carp

by Sophia

The European Carp

Have you ever been fishing in a beautiful lake, and something is caught on your line. When you bring in the line, its a carp an ordinary overpopulating carp. Are you not feed up, you were expecting something good but you got a carp. The European Carp is a type of fish with twenty other speices. Itis a native animal of Asia an is overpopulating. The over populating Carp was introduced in in the south eastern part of Victoria 1870. A fish farmerintroduced a carp into his ponds at Boolara. Carp are breeding hastely.

What Does It Look Like?

The European Carp can reconised with small eyes, large scales silverly yellow on the belly. They grow over one meter, thats right more than one meter. Carp were originated in China and spread throughout Asia and Europe.

What Effects Did The did The Carp Have On The Environment?

The European Carp muddies the lakes. This is not good at all because when the native animal goes to drink water from the lake it could get sick from the mud, these animals dont just have to be native they they could be your favourite animal or, they could be humans like me and you. Mabye one day you and your family go out to a beutiful lake and you want to drink some fresh water because you are thirsty and your throt hurts so you go to the lake but it is yuck and dirty, this is a major problem but this is how animals have to put up with alot.

Where was it First originated?

Carp were originated in China and spread throughout Asia and Europe. With so many introductions it has helped to make it the world's most widely distributed freshwater fish. The Carp is spreading like a disease.

What Does It Eat?

The European Carp eats alot of small food insects and it also eats sucked up mud and water. A Carp can grow to 1 meter and bigger.
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Where Does The Carp Live?

in our country Australia, Carp are to be found in the Murray-Darling River system of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and south Australia. Carp are farmed in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and are a popular very fish in Europe. However, in North America, Canada and Australia, carp are reconised as a awful pest. Please prevent carp from moving into areas where they do not exist or where they have been removed.

How Can Australia Stop This Problem?

I am sure that Australia does not like the European Carp and I dont like it to so we can stop this. We can stop all the breeding so you go to get some material and you have to desin a fish trap but when you are doing it do not trap innocent fish such as native fish that are not breeding like crazy.
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