#MichED Chat 5/28/14

Apple vs. Google

Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

This week we will have a conversation reflecting on the 2013/2014 school year. Moderators Jenny Grabiec (@techgirljenny) from http://techgirlsavvy.com and #MichED's own Rebecca Wildman (@RebeccaWildman) will host what will be a great #MichED discussion.

The #MichED team for 5/28:

Greeters: Ben Rimes

New member greeter: Jeff Bush

Archiver: Todd Bloch


  1. How are you using Apple and Google products in your classroom? #MichED

  2. Share a positive experience using Apple, Google or both to help students create, differentiate and share their learning. #MichED

  3. If using iOS devices, do you utilize Google Apps to share/save content? Have you run into any problems? Share your workarounds. #MichED

  4. What is your best Apple or Google tip or trick when teaching with students? #MichED

  5. Have you heard about Google Classroom? www.google.com/edu/classroom/ What will be the benefits of using this with students? #MichED

  6. What Apple or Google tool hasn’t yet caught on in the mainstream and reached its potential in most classrooms? #MichED

May #MichED Chat Topics

5/7/14: Do more/less next year (Jeff Bush)

5/14/14: 1) Parent / Community tech events (Bill Martin)

5/21/14: Reflection of 13/14 school year (Jeremy Evans)

5/28/14: Apple vs. Google (Jenny Grabiec & Rebecca Wildman)

6/4/14: What do you want your PLN to look like? (Jeff Bush)

The #MichED Chat Team