Dyamond's Life

All about me

Meet Me

Hi, I'm Dyamond. I'm 8 years old. I'm in 3rd grade. I enjoy feeding hummingbirds, cooking, gardening with my mom, and art. I love my friends. I love my family. My favorite color is yellow. I hope you love reading my autobiography.

Important Events

I got to see the beach for the first time in Galveston, TX. I got to meet all of the princesses in Disney World. I got to see all my dad's family in Kentucky. I got a lot of stuff for Easter from my Nana and Gdaddy. I am getting a lot presents this year and ever year for Christmas. I also went bowling for the first time for my birthday. My birthday cake was awesome because it had purple in the middle, it was frozen cake.

Meet My Family

My mom's name is Nena, she stays home to take care of us. She is awesome cook! My dad's name is Chris, he works for Brookshire's . He is a very hard worker so sometimes he's at work more then at home. He is very funny and always makes me laugh. My brother's name is Jordan, he is 4 1/2 and he is so funny. He will start kindergarten next year.They all make me laugh.

My Interests

I love stuffed animals because they are soft, cuddly, and cute. Froyo is good because you get to choose all your favorite toppings and you can pick as many flavors as you want. I love school because I get to learn something new everyday. I love family because they are always with me. I like cheer because you get to do cool flips. Basketball it is a fun sport to learn to play. I like art because you can let your imagination go wild. I like Shopkins because they are cool figurines you get to collect. IPad you can do a lot of things on it like playing games or facetiming. I like singing because I feel like I'm really good at it.I like dancing because I want to go and learn.

Important Goals

I want to get all As on my report card. I want to make it to fourth grade. I would like to graduate and throw my cap in the air. I would like to go to college one day. I want to be a singer, nurse, teacher, veterinarian, and a doctor when I grow up. I want to do more in school than my family did. I would like to be able to help my mom and dad, if they needed help.


As you see I have a great life. I have a lot of goals, many I can't wait to do. All my interests make me happy. My family loves to do a lot of things. My favorite events were when we went to Kentucky and went to Disney World. I hope you learned something new about me by reading my autobiography.