"It is not living that matters, but living rightly."

Explanation behind the quote

What Socrates is trying to get across to everyone with this quote is how corrupt the Greek Government is at the time. He wants other people to realize this along with him and start challenging the Government's rules and statements. To me this quotation means that there isn't really any point to living a life in this era if you don't live with the right mindset. This quote relates very well to Socrates' because his main goal in his life is to found out why everyone does whatever the government says, with no questions asked. It relates to a lot about him whether he's traveling the streets informing elder citizens of his knowledge or persuading children to agree with his thinking.

This Quotes Relation To Greece

This quote relates a lot to different subjects in Ancient Greece. What was said by Socrates goes along very well with the different aspects of classical Greek humanism. The characteristics associated with this are looking for explanations in the world and asking questions to find out the real truth behind everything. Socrates' words relate to this because he's saying without living with knowing the truth, you aren't living your life right. Socrates defines Ancient Greek Society with his words and it can be easily seen how this quote especially relates well.


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