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Active Machinery is the only authorised importer of Sunward machinery in Australia, and we aim to provide our clients with a vast range of products at affordable rates. Our excavators are the lowest priced machines on the Australian market.

Manufactured according to specific requirements with high quality engines and components from around the world, Sunward excavators are easy and efficient to operate. Due to their ergonomic design, these excavators have been purchased by businesses operating in a wide range of projects, from garden cultivation to layout of cables and pipes, construction, maintenance, and engineering developments, among various other uses. The excavators can be operated in comfort with excellent visibility, and downtime is minimised as all the daily inspection points on the machinery are within easy reach.

Most of the excavators are supplied with 2 digging buckets, 1 mud bucket, and a 3-year or 3600-hour warranty, with Australia-wide delivery available to your door. Various attachments are also usually supplied to suit the product range, such as tilt, dig and mud buckets, augers, rippers, grapples, and steel trailers, among others. All Sunward excavators include bi-directional plumbing and KYB hydraulics, except the 7.8-tonne excavator, which runs on Roxroth hydraulics. Active Machinery can supply a wide range of excavators, from 0.9 tonnes to 47 tonnes.

The Sunward 0.9-tonne excavators are open, and their rubber tracks expand to 900m wide, adding versatility to the compact excavator. One of its key features is its small size – at only 700mm wide, access can be gained to projects requiring small machines with large benefits. This excavator runs on a genuine powerful Yanmar engine.

The 1.7 and 1.8-tonne excavators have a canopy, and their rubber tracks expand to widths of 1.31 and 1.32mm respectively. The zero swing capabilities of the 1.8-tonne add to the versatility of the compact excavators. While the 1.7-tonne excavator runs on a Yanmar engine, the 1.8-tonne one runs on a powerful Perkins engine.

The 2.5, 3.4 and 4.1-tonne excavators have cabins and expanding rubber tracks. Their zero swing capabilities allow operation in confined spaces, while ensuring no tail swing. While the 3.4-tonne excavators run on a Yanmar engine, the 4.1-tonne one runs on a Kubota engine. These excavators have excellent digging reach, air-conditioned and heated cabins, and many more features.

The 5.1, 6.3 and 7.8-tonne excavators have cabins. Their short tail design enables operation in confined areas, and all three run on a powerful Yanmar engine. An easy to read electronic monitor and air-conditioned and heated cabins make these the best choice for larger projects.

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