Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

Nov. 14, 2014

What is going on?


Math: Students will be writing numbers up to 1,200 in various ways: Standard, written, and expanded form. We will be practicing our number knowledge by doing some hands on fun activities.

Reading: We will begin our independent Word Study Menus. Words study allows us to become familiar with the spelling patterns we need to be successful readers and writers. We can extend our spelling pattern knowledge to spell and read unknown words.

PBL: We will be finishing our PBL “Landmark” All About Books, while beginning photostory and landmark boxes. Students will sharing their projects on Thursday, Nov. 20 to students grades Kindergarten through fifth grade and Friday, Nov. 21 students will be sharing to the community (Invitation: ).


Students have been hard at work all week as they construct their landmark dioramas

Student's found out that teamwork and compromise were a must in order to get the job done

Thanks to determination and perseverance they have a final product that both teammates are proud of!


In the handbook it states that if the windchill is below 32 students will not be going outdoors for any activities, including; running club, recess or PE. If the temperature is below 40 it will be up to teacher discretion whether or not recess or PE will be held outdoors. It is important that students come to school dressed appropriately for the cold weather, even if the days are few and far between.


Friday, Nov. 14 - Community Circle, students will meet in the classroom.

Nov. 17-21 Eye Glasses for Haiti (see flyer)

Tuesday, Nov. 18 - School Thanksgiving Meal (return invitation ASAP if attending)

Friday, Nov. 21 - PBL Showcase (see invitation)

Nov. 24- 28 Thanksgiving Break, No School


Keep it up!!

Please use the link provided to get the math super stars sheets for this week. Remember all sheets are due the following Friday. The class with the most participation will earn extra recess for the WHOLE class!! We have 48% participation so far; way to go boys and girls!


Second Grade has the opportunity to provide a rotating enrichment program during our Stallion Stampede time of the school day. Chess and Robotics will rotate through the grade level classes at different times of the year to provide enrichment opportunities to small groups of students. Each rotation consists of 4 once a week sessions. If this program works well, we will extend it to the second semester to accommodate more students.

Teachers will determine the students who will attend the sessions. Our grade level strives to provide enrichment in all areas and times of the school day. Teachers are stretching second grade thinking throughout the day and providing enrichment activities to students during Stallion Stampede in the classroom.

If you are interested in volunteering please find out more information on ways to help by visiting the link provided:


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!

Thank you very much!

I cannot thank you enough for all the supplies and help this week with our projects! Mrs. Kitchen, Mrs. Conkling, Mrs. Padua, Mrs. Addala, Mrs. Louk, and Mrs. Jones! I could not of done this week without you! I appreciate you!

We are thankful for many things this year!

Please come to our showcase on Friday! 9-10!