BMS Library News

March 2015

First Newsletter!

Happy Spring and welcome to BMS Library News! I'm so excited to share what's happening in the library. I plan to expand the newsletter to include student book reviews and recommendations, student writing and art. If you have something you would like to submit, just bring it down to the library and give it to me!

Book of the Month

March 2013 - Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

16 year old Eleanor has just returned home to her mother's house after being thrown out by her abusive stepfather the year before. When she tries to find a seat on the school bus, no one will let her sit down. Finally, a boy named Park lets her have the seat next to him. And so it begins. Eleanor and Park start off as friends, but eventually begin a relationship. Which, by the way, they have to keep a secret from Eleanor's stepdad Richie. This book is amazing! There were a lot of things that took place in it that reminded me of my own middle and high school years.
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Free First Sunday @ Oakland Museum

Did you know that the Oakland Museum is free the first Sunday of every month? The next free day is Sunday, April 5th. This place is super awesome with a lot of interesting exhibits. They have a small area devoted to Comic-Con, a new exhibit about bees, and a wing devoted to Bay Area history. Just a quick trip on BART (get off at Lake Merritt station and walk up a block) is all it takes. Go check it out!

Shout Outs!

I'd like to acknowledge my super awesome 1st Lunch TA crew! You guys can check books in and out, patrol the library to make sure that no one's eating, make sure that no one's doing anything that they shouldn't on the computers, and have staff meetings in the back office. You make my days brighter just by being there. So thank you to Steven, Jesus, Dustin, Kenichi, David and Simmon!

All About Ms. Munson

This is my first year at Bohannon. I've previously worked in the libraries at Edendale, Grant Elementary, and San Lorenzo High School. I love love LOVE books!

I have two cats named Max and Peaches.

My favorite color is purple, and when I'm not working in the library or reading I really enjoy going places with my family. Our most recent adventure was going to the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco. And yes, I still found time to visit a bookstore. The picture to the left was taken during our trip to Alcatraz over the summer. As you can see, I found the library!