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Dr.Trista J. Muench M.D. Dec. 10, 2014

What is lung cancer?

Lung cancer is a cancer that starts when in the lining of tissues of an organ or in the lining of the bronchi. Also when their is an abnormal, uncontrolled growth of a cell in the lung. Lung cancer is usually caused by smoking, air pollution, or passed on by genes.


Some symptoms of lung cancer are/is your cough gets worse and doesn't go away, trouble breathing more often than usual, coughing up blood, chest pain, you get tired more often, and weight loss for no reason.

Ways to be treated or almost treated

Some ways for lung cancer to be treated are surgery, radiation therapy, also by combinations of therapy, targeted therapy (medicine), chemotherapy. Those are some ways for lung cancer to be treated.

How many people who are diagnosed with it

Nearly 400,000 people in the US have lung cancer. Each year about 220,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer. 81% of living people with lung cancer are over 60 years old. 10-25% of new lung cancer cases in the US (25% world wide) have lung cancer and never smoked. Smoking is responsible for roughly 90% of most cases of lung cancer.