World Culture Powerpoint

Jaylen clark

Some facts abou the indians

  • In 1492 when Columbus came to America there was 10-30 million native Americans there living in Mexico, America and Canada .
  • The Indians was associated with European country such as Spain, England and France
  • Spain and England had a negative impact with them because they died from diseases and England went to war with them .
  • France had a positive impact with them getting fur and spread out with the land.
  • The Indians were hunters and very skilled at carving weapons making their houses and many more resources

Some facts about the colonists

  • somebody living in new colony: an immigrant to a new colony, or one of the founders of it
  • Spain, England, France and Netherlands came and settled in the eastern America
  • The England settled in Jamestown and new England
  • Spain colonized Mississippi
  • Virginia:John Smith, and a number of rich Englishmen, sailed through the Chesapeake Bay to reach the Powhatan's river. They settled along the banks of this river and named it as 'James river. The English government sent many Englishmen to this new settlement, luring them with promises of discoveries of gold. No gold was found in Virginia.

  • Maryland:King Charles I sent Cecil Calvert to America to form the colony named Maryland. He married queen Marry.
  • People who came to Maryland as a new home wanted to get away with the unfair and unjust treatment meet out to them by the Church of England

Indians vs colonists

  • The Indians would meet as friends and trade with each other
  • An Indian was killed or sold to slavery
  • Indians would fight back
  • Indians were hunters, so the woods were like their homes, either Europeans win or Indians win
  • Colonists and/or Christians believed that anyone who was not Christian was inferior
  • Whites thought they were better than Indians and blacks
  • It was mostly about land and the Indians didn't want to give it up

Massacre in virgina, poverty in England

  • Pocahontas uncle try to get rid of all them
  • People say he was intelligent and crafty but he definitely hated whites
  • Opechan Canough planned a massacre
  • Indians knocked on their door being friendly then murdered them
  • Everyone would have been killed chanco an Indian boy warned the people in Jamestown
  • King James was upset
  • England needed a strong political leader
  • Farmers getting thrown off farms
  • Land lords want land for sheep raising
  • Indians would kill orphans