History of Red Cross

Red Cross started in 1914 by Helen Hamilton for the outbreak of World War 1.The Red Cross started originally in England and then Made Branches all over the world.In 2014 the Red Cross turned 100 years old.
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Red Cross

The Red Cross is a International Aid Organisation is for the people in need worldwide.They work all over the world but mostly in the Asia Pacific.There helping people to let them have a more safer, healthier and more sustainable lives for the people living in developing countries .

Funding And Spending

The Red Cross Raised $365.5 million in 2012 through humanitarian work.78% of this comes from Government grants and community work.Spending:76% for program costs, 14% of commercial operations, 6% accountability and administration and 4% on fundraising costs.

79% everyday work in Australia, 11% international emergency appeals, and 10% everyday work overseas.46% impact of migration, 21% International aid development, 12% on other programs, 6% local disadvantage, 6% social inclusion, 6% disaster and emergency services and 3% on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs.

Donating and Volunteering

If you donate blood you could save 3 lives.1 in 3 Australians needs a blood donation in their lifetime but only 1 in 30 gives.This could take you just 1 hour. Dimitri Argyros went on 12 month volunteer trip to South Africa.He said this was the time of his life to help orphans in South Africa.


FREE CALL 1800 81 700 or send a cheque or money order to:

Australian Red Cross GPO Box 2957 Melbourne VIC 3001

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