Starling's Summary

Weekly information, updates, calendar and more

The week ahead... September 19 - 23

Book Fair

Monday, September 19 - International Talk like a Pirate Day

United Way after school program begins

Tuesday, September 20 -World Gratitude Day

F.A.M.E. committee meeting - 3:40 in library

Wednesday, September 21 - International Peace Day

SDC committee meeting - 3:40 in library

Thursday, September 22 - Autumn Equinox

Flu Shots

Open House - 5:00 - 6:30

By today the following must be updated ( look below for some classroom examples of each):

  • TLWs updated and accurate (Today I will - activity, So that I can - TEK, I'll know I've got when - assessment, I will build my language by - ELPS)
  • detailed daily schedule - large enough for students to see
  • lesson plan clipboard by door
  • I'm an educator because poster posted under your room number
  • some kind of college display outside of your door
  • writing sample outside of your door with current writing sample displayed for each student (this is all content areas)

Friday, September 23- Native American Day

Saturday, September 24 -

Math lead teacher meeting

Coming up....

Monday, September 26 - Team Leader

Tuesday, September 27 - Above and Beyond

Wednesday, September 28 - Staff meeting - SIOP

Thursday, September 29 - Progress Reports due to supervisor

As you prepare for goal setting, here is a step by step video (only 6 minutes)

T-TESS Appraisal System: Step 1: Goal Setting in Eduphoria

Mission for the Week

Let's work together to keep our school clean

For Students:

Whenever you go in the restroom, pick up any trash you see on the floor and around the trash can

For staff:

Encourage your students to leave the restroom clean, whether when you are going as a class or as you are passing by.


All classroom teachers must make at least one positive phone call to each parent/guardian in the fall and the spring.

Do -

Know what you are going to say

Listen and be respectful

Really mean what you say

Don't -

Tag the phone call onto a behavior call or other punitive/informational call (for example, " I enjoy having Carlos in my class, he is so funny and creative, However, he has had a bad couple of days and has been very disruptive" that is not positive, that is just lessening the blow of bad information.

Read the article and watch the video below to see the impact these types of calls can make.

A Parent Reflects on Building Relationships with Teachers

What about those walkthroughs???

I meant to share the rubric being used for our TAIS walkthroughs at the staff meeting, but we ran out of time.

Follow this google link for a copy, I will share results at the next staff meeting.

and as a reminder - the SIOP checklist - both are being use simultaneously

Staff Birthdays

Liz Harden - Sept. 20

Monica Lemus-Sept. 20

Updates and Reminders

1. Our delivery zone is the hallway by workroom.

  • If your name is not written on the box please do not take/open
  • If the box is for your name will be handwritten with on the box.
  • A few boxes have been opened and that was someone’s order and now we have safety pins, markers, a couple of sharpeners, post it notes, card stock (blue) and white, copy paper missing.
  • A box was delivered from print shop and it’s missing, please return it.
  • One box may have multiple orders, so wait until items are labeled or delivered to you

2. Professional Development Reminders

  • Earning professional development hours for the 2016-17 school year started on March 1, 2016 and will be closed on February 28, 2017.
  • Campus-based paraprofessionals are required to earn EITHER 14 hours of professional development or 14 hours of comp time (or a combination) between March 1, 2016 and February 28, 2017.
  • All teachers are required to earn 14 hours of professional development each year.
  • Teachers in years 1, 2 or 3 of Induction (Alief U) are required to follow their degree plan to earn their required professional development hours. Alief U teachers are to accomplish 35 hours each year as outlined on the degree plan.

Ms. Starling Reads

I would like to read to your class at least once this semester. Look for a sign up sheet outside of my office to sign up for a time between now and Christmas. I could read Mrs. Spitzer's Garden or a holiday book or any book of your choosing.

Let me know anything that needs to be added to the calendar, shout outs, reminders, etc