Conserving Household Energy

Energy conserved, is life preserved

Making A Smaller Ecological Footprint

There are many ways you can make a smaller ecological footprint. It can be as simple as turning of the lights your not using, use natural light when possible, only use electronics when necessary, use cooling and heating systems when absolutely needed, and unplug the appliances that can be unplugged when not being used.
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If Not Careful The Affects

If we continue to take advantage of all our energy, we will soon wont be able to have the advantages we have today. Without hydro energy power, which is running water, we wouldn't have the electronics in our household that get powered by hydro power.

Just imagine not being able to plug anything in to any outlet, no electronics, and also mainly everything we use in our kitchens. We wouldn't be able to have a fridge, a stove, a toaster and many more.

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The Benefits Of Conserving Household Energy

There are many benefits to conserving energy. By saving energy in your house, it saves you money. A typical family household spends up to five thousand dollars for energy bills. So by using less electricity you can save money.