Benito Mussolini

Johnny Ly & Abby Milam

Background Information

World War I

  1. Condemned Italy’s participation at first

  2. Saw it as an opportunity for Italy to rise in power

    1. Attitude changed

      1. “Broke ties with other socialists”

      2. He was kicked out of the organization

  3. Joined army in 1915

    1. Ranked corporal

      1. was injured and discharged

  4. After

    1. Went back to politics

    2. Thought Italian government was weak because of the Treaty of Versailles

World War II

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  1. World War II

    1. Role Model

      1. For Adolf Hitler

        1. Based rise of power on Benito Mussolini

        2. Wanted to establish a relationship with him

        3. 1939

          1. Signed a military alliance

            1. “Pact of Steel”

        4. Success

          1. Mussolini instituted discrimination policies

          2. Influenced Adolf Hitler to discriminate Against Jews

      2. 1940

        1. Italy invaded Greece

How did their accomplishments in the war impact their country and the outcome of the war?

  1. Fascist Party leader

    1. Used force and intimidation

      1. Created a dictatorship

      2. Invaded Ethiopia and Albania

    2. Influenced Hitler

      1. Wanted an alliance

    3. Italy

      1. Ousted Mussolini from power

      2. Arrested

        1. Later rescued by Germans

      3. Seized Mussolini

        1. Shot and strung him for public display


  1. “War is to man what maternity is to a woman. From a philosophical and doctrinal viewpoint, I do not believe in perpetual peace.” -Benito Mussolini

    1. He thinks that war is inevitable and that it is a basic recurrence. He doesn’t believe that there is a chance of peace and that war is necessary.

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      1. Loved violence as a kid and was expelled from multiple schools for bullying and fighting

      2. Stabbed a classmate in the hand when he was 10

      3. Declared himself an atheist and rallied against the church

      4. Wanted to repair his relationship with the church when he rose to power as a dictator

      5. Used to be a schoolmaster

      6. Was banned from Switzerland

      7. Went to Switzerland to promote Socialism

      8. Started the Fascist Party

      9. Was bald and liked fancy uniforms