DCS Ravens' Report

November 12th, 2021

Important Dates

November 23rd-STEM Day (more information below)

November 24th-26th-No School-Thanksgiving Recess

November 30th-End of Trimester 1

December 3rd-Report cards go home

Grade 1 students enjoy the DCS Hopes and Dreams Flags

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Message from Principal Nicole Pease

Hello families, it has been a really calm couple of weeks, which we really needed after the super exciting Halloween week. It was lovely to be at DCS for part of the Teacher Conference Day. Seeing parents coming and going from our building was so nice. Last week ended with our October whole school assembly at which we greeted each other, celebrated birthdays and participated in an activity all together. Ending our week with such a sense of community is so special.

This week we are collecting donations for our Thanksgiving Soup and for the food pantry. Please continue to send in food donations.

We had our annual Veterans Day Assembly on Wednesday, November 10th. Mr. Dick Dunning came to speak about the meaning of Veterans Day as well as the importance of honoring the American Flag. Grade 2 recited a poem for the school, and students were given flags to take home. The students at DCS wrote letters to local Veterans in honor of the Holiday. The thoughtful sentiments our students included were very moving. We are so thankful for the service of our Veterans.

Have a super weekend! Nicole

Students pose with their flags after the Veterans Day Assembly

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Thanksgiving Soup

Hello everyone, we are excited to be making soup, bread, and a dessert to share on Thursday. Students will assist teachers in assembling the soup ingredients, as well as mixing and baking the bread and dessert. It will be a wonderful way to celebrate our community and all the things for which we are thankful!

Extra Clothes and Cold Weather Gear

Please be sure your child has an extra set of clothes at school. All kinds of accidents can and do happen and we do not have many spare clothes for students.

Also, even though we have had one of the warmest Octobers on record, please make sure your child has all the cold weather gear they need. If you have a need for any gear, please reach out and let us know.

Don't forget to check out the DCS website and Classroom Teacher's sites too!

DCS Gear

For those that do not know, the DCS' mascot is a Raven. We are hoping to be able to provide our new students with Raven t-shirts. Until then, we have a DCS Gear store through which you can order items for your child and family.


Please remember to update Pick Up Patrol

One of the aspects of a new school year that can be challenging is the bus routes. It takes time for new drivers and students to get used to the timing of the pick ups and drop offs. Each day has gone a bit more smoothly.

Please help us by updating any changes in drop off or pick up through Pick Up Patrol.

Thank you!