Different Types of Sedation Dentistry

When you have probably heard, sedation dentistry is the hottest trend in the market. Since they now present different types of sleep that allow people to rest through cleanings and techniques patients no more have to worry visiting the dentist. It is important to realize that you will find other ways to calm someone. The two hottest types of sedation used in fort lauderdale dentists practices are oral and intravenous sedation. Keep in mind that both of these methods are considered to be 'aware sedation' methods.

Let us discuss the difference between the two most widely used methods for putting a patient to sleep in the dental chair:
Intravenous Sedation Intravenous sleep, also known as I.V. sedation, is when the effective sedation medicine is injected in to the patient's system, almost always via an 'IV' within the arm. This could also be done via a single shot in other common areas of the body. Sometimes dentist can see a patient is taken from a state and will begin to inject more medicine.

Dental Sedation Oral sedation is one of the most frequent techniques patients are put to sleep. The phrase 'dental' refers the mouth area. This process requires the patient to swallow the medication which will put them to rest, whether it's in pill or liquid form. Some individuals like this since they are afraid of the pain that originates from needles and/or treatments. One of many negatives of oral sedation is the time it requires to become effective. It will take sometime to a patient before they feel the consequences of the medicine. The dosage of medication has to be changed according to genetic and physical characteristics of the patient, including any medications, age and weight that the specific patient is taking.

As mentioned before, these will be the two most common forms of sedation used in the industry. When looking for a dentist that offers this technology, it is importance to ask about the process they use to put their patients to sleep. This may let you choose the dentist that most readily useful meets your needs.