The FOS Weekly Bulletin

Week 8: October 11-14, 2016

Welcome to Foundations of Science III at West High School!

Greetings Parents,

Welcome to Foundations of Science III! This is the Weekly FOS Bulletin. Each week we will be sending out a newsletter on Thursdays to update you of past events and upcoming assignments in FOS. In addition, tips on how to help your child be successful in class are included.

This Week's Classwork Concepts

This Week's Unit: Forces and Motion

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Graphing Practice

Wednesday: Graphing Practice

Thursday: Put together packets and Reviewed for Exam

Friday: Unit 2 Exam: Motion and Forces


Students have had 2 homework assignments that were due this week:

1. Summary of Motion Graphs

2. Rollin' Rollin' Lab

**Please note- which assignments are included in the gradebook is variable by teacher. However, ALL students are responsible for completing these assignments**

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Upcoming Test:

1. Test Date: Our Unit 2 Exam is currently scheduled for Friday, October 14th.**

**Mr. Pudil is holding a review session for the Unit 2 Exam on Friday morning at 8:15 AM in Room 1. All FOS students are invited to attend to ask last-minute questions and clarification.

Upcoming Project: We will begin our annual Paper Car Project next week. This is a very large project that goes into the 2nd trimester. Please look for updates from your child and this newsletter in order to keep your child on track and successful!

How to Help Your Student This Week

1. Help Your Students Study For the Test: Go through the handouts listed above and from previous weeks with your child. Make sure they review all the material in their packet. Have them give the handouts to you and ask them questions from the it. Ask your son/daughter to show you their Review Guide to make sure all the material is covered and complete.

2. Ask Them About What They Are Learning: Ask your child what they are learning about in class. Good questions would be: What are you learning about acceleration? What is it? How are speed and velocity graphs different?

3. Make Sure All Their Homework is Complete: Show them the assignments listed above. Together, make sure all of them are complete.

4. Send them to the Exam Review Session: Mr. Pudil is holding a review session for the Unit 2 Exam on Friday morning at 8:15 AM in Room 1. All FOS students are invited to attend to ask last-minute questions and clarification.

Additional Information

How Can I Know What Is Happening Each Day in Class?

Google Classroom is used by each teacher to keep students and parents informed of the assignments and daily activities. Any time a student is absent, Google Classroom is a great thing to check! We update the blog daily about class activities, homework, and upcoming due dates. If you, the parent/guardian, would like to be added to the Google Classroom website, please e-mail your teacher and let them know that you would like to be added.

My child was absent or lost the handouts! What can I do?

There is also a “Unit Handouts” link under the "About" tab on Google Classroom where students can print out handouts if they missed class or lost their homework. All the day's notes and capture questions are also available on here as well.

My son/daughter needs more help in class. What can they do?

Please, please, please have them schedule a time to meet with us! We are available before school starting at 8:15, during our open periods, and sometimes after school as scheduled. We also offer "AFT" (Academic Focus Time) twice a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays), which is a 20 minute designated period for students to receive help. Since we need to schedule students by Monday at noon, please have them approach us the previous week to schedule a time for AFT.

How do I get a hold of you?

Mrs. McGrane:

Miss Head:

Mrs. Ellickson:

Mr. Pudil:

Mr. Conner: