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Silver Strand Elementary School Week of April 15, 2019

Spotlights and Reminders: Month of the Military Child

  • NO SCHOOL FRIDAY APRIL 19 and MONDAY APRIL 22! Enjoy a long weekend!
  • April is also National Poetry Month and this Thursday is Poem in Your Pocket Day. On this day, you may consider carrying copies of a favorite poem to share with others!
  • LUAU is on Friday April 26 and we can't wait! Thank you, families, for your amazing art and basket donations. Thank you PTO for all the time and energy to organize this awesome school community event!
  • On Saturday, May 11th, SSES teachers and artists from Arts4Learning will be offering a special FREE Saturday Arts Extravaganza experience from 8:00-noon. The first 80 students to sign up may attend! Students will bring home registration forms on Monday.
  • Safety Posters for our contest are due this Thursday! See below for details.
  • Our statewide testing window for grades 3-5 begins on Monday April 29 and extends for two weeks in May. IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS TO BE ON TIME AND AT SCHOOL EVERY DAY to avoid having to take makeup tests and miss instruction. Please plan accordingly :).
  • This week’s theme is EMPOWERMENT: We have opportunities every day to transfer “power” to our children by giving them addition responsibilities or to remind them of the power they have to make change in themselves and their actions. Consider new ways of empowering your kids and yourself and others!

Get Ready for Screen-Free Week! April 29-May 3

Coronado Unified School District will be celebrating Screen-Free week and we encourage all of our students to participate. Parents are welcome to join in the challenge too!

  • During Screen-Free Week, millions of children and adults nationwide pledge to spend seven days screen-free.
  • Studies show that American children spend more time in front of a screen than they do in school! Screen-Free Week is a great way to jump-start our kids into more reading, learning, and active play. It’s also a lot of fun!
  • Many parents choose to join their children in forgoing screen-based entertainment as this kind of support is the best thing you can do to ensure that your child will have a successful and beneficial experience. Each student will receive a bracelet as a reminder to stay Screen-Free. In addition, each school site will be participating in their own set of Screen-Free activities.
  • At the end of the week all students who participate will receive a free 100% fruit pop for a job WELL DONE!
  • For more information:

Health Focus: Lice

San Diego's warmer climate makes it a more welcoming region for lice infestation among children and we want to remind our Voyager families to check your students' heads regularly.

Some facts and tips:

  • Do not panic if you have lice in your family! A regular regimen of treatment and frequent checks will eradicate lice and prevent future outbreaks.
  • Lice are not a sign of poor hygiene!
  • Wearing hair up or combed in ponytails/braids and with hair gel help prevent spread of lice.
  • Live lice look like small tan insects and are most commonly found on the scalp at the crown of the head, around the ears, and at the back hairline. Combing with a fine-toothed lice comb will remove most live lice and is a critical step of treatment. Eggs/nits look like tiny grey/white pods attached to the hair shaft close to the scalp.
  • A faithful treatment regimen every seven-nine days for three-four weeks will disrupt the reproductive cycle by eradicating live lice and new egg hatchings.
  • If you have questions about lice, feel free to email our Health Technician at

Silver Strand Safety and Security Support from Karen Pierro



Each day, we practice LOTS of different ways at school to be SAFE! This poster is to showcase those SAFETY actions.

  • Please put first & last name as well as grade level on the poster.
  • Please choose one of the following to illustrate & label on this poster:

safety in the cafeteria drop-off safety bus riding safety walking through campus safety

safety in the cafeteria safety during PE rainy day safety safety walking to/from home

pick-up safety recess safety classroom safety

*OR, any other area you can think of!

  • Students may use any media: marker, ink, paint, crayon, photographs, etc. The more colorful, the better!
  • Please label what safety action is happening in your picture, and, be sure all spelling is correct!
  • Posters are due to the front office BY Thurs, April 18th. They will be displayed in Strand Hall windows facing the flagpole.

HAVE FUN! Each student who makes a poster will receive a certificate & small treat!

Any questions? Please contact Ms. Pierro

Student Council News

We have some exciting plans for restructuring Student Council for next year ! More information coming soon!


ALOHA!....LUAU is coming soon! Please make sure your luau contributions are to our luau basket parent soon. This will ensure enough time to put the baskets together.

Thank you to our Silver Strand Voyager parent community for stepping forward to assume roles on the PTO Board! Our school is enriched through our PTO's activities for students and families and donations to our programs. Thank you for your generosity!

Coronado School Foundation Events and Updates

Thank you so much, Voyager Families! Your generous contributions during the CSF Telethon earned us the Mootime Ice Cream Party! Thank you for supporting our Specials Programs, Academic Support and Enrichment, and Band and Choir! We appreciate you! A special thank you to Renee Cavanaugh, Eric Bachman, our TK/Kindergarten and Specials teams, and all our staff, students, and families who supported the CSF Telethon through performances and donations!

Did you know that the Coronado Schools Foundation supports the Silver Strand Band, Choir, Science Lab, Visual and Performing Arts Programs, Technology Resource Teacher, Library, and academic support teachers? CSF brings STEAM to Silver Strand Elementary! Support our programs through donations to CSF here:

Voyager Yearbook: Last chance to purchase!

Thank you to our parent volunteers who put our yearbook together!

Calendar of Upcoming School Events

THIS WEEK: NO SCHOOL FRIDAY 4/19 and MONDAY 4/22; Tuesday is National Librarian Day

MON 4/15:

TUES 4/16: National Librarian Day

WED 4/17: 3:00 PM: School Site Council Meeting


2:00-3:00PM: CSF Ice Cream Party at SSES

4PM: School Board Meeting/Classified Employees Recognition (come celebrate Susan Lechowicz!)




TUES 4/23: 6:30 PM at CMS: 5th Grade Parent Night


THUR 4/25:

FRI 4/26: Friday Flagpole

5PM: Luau!!


April 29-May 3: Screen-Week and beginning of State Testing

May 11: Arts Extravaganza Saturday event

Coronado SAFE Events and Activities

Coronado SAFE supports healthy families and children through workshops/"coffee talks," school programs, speakers, and counseling.

See for more information and to register for upcoming events.

Military Connections

Silver Strand Elementary School is SO fortunate to have the full-time services of our very own MFLC (Military Family Life Counselor), Gia Del George! Our MFLC is available to help students through the emotions and transitions associated with military life. If your family is facing separation due to deployment, or any transitions or challenges, please contact Ms. Gia at

And please encourage your child to visit our Connections Room during lunch recess, open to military and non-military students alike in grades 1-5 on M, W, F! The Connections Room has the following activities on these days:

Monday: Board Games

Wednesday: Military Kids Club (MKC) ALL are welcome

Friday: Dance and Sing

For information about military-sponsored activities for youth, visit the Fleet and Family Services website here.

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