Pink Sands Beach

Joseph Guzman


  • Harbour Island, Bahamas
  • North America - LA: 25.500887 LO: -76.6311795
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  • It's an Active Coast because it is closer to a plate boundary and near tectonic activity
  • It's a Secondary Coast because it was formed by marine forces like the deposition of corals, foraminifera, and currents.
  • It's a Submergent Coast because the beach is sinking as is the rest of the Bahamas.
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Sand Color/Origin

The color of the sand is pale pink due to dead Foraminifera washing ashore and mixing with sand & bits of coral. The sand is made of coral, broken shells, minute rocks, and calcium carbonate.
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Features of the Beach

It's known for its pink sand that is cool all year round. It's also one of the top dive sites in the world because of the "Current Cut Dive" which is called a "fast drift dive". You can also see where the dark blue Atlantic water meets the turquoise Caribbean water.
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