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Physical Geography

Area: 108,889 miles squared

Physical Features: Motagua river is one of Guatemala's longest rivers. Volcán Tajumulco Mountain-the highest mountain in Central America.

Climate: Tropical; hot, humid in lowlands, cooler in highlands.

Environment-plants and animals: fish, cattle,chicken, thick forest and cedrela. people interact with the environment negatively by deforestation in the Peten Rain forest, soil erosion, water pollution.

Natural Disasters: numerous volcanoes in the mountains. Occasional earthquakes and hurricanes.

Natural Resources: Petroleum, nickle, rare woods and a lot of fish.

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Human Geography

Cultural Traits: Spanish language, Roman Catholic religion, biking, soccer, marimba music.

Population: 14,647,083 people

Population Density: 134.5 per square mile

Government: Constitutional Democratic

GDP: $81.51 billion

GDP per capita: $5,300

Exports: Coffee, sugar and petroleum .`

Imports: Fuels, machinery and grain.

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Other Fun Facts and Interesting Info!!!

  • Guatemala is still growing!
  • The Birth Rate:25.46
  • The Death Rate: 4.82
  • Guatemala has more people than any other Central American country
  • Almost half of the people in Guatemala are Indians whose way of life is greatly different compared to other Guatemalans .
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