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Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Over the past few weeks, I have been collaborating with our fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Snyder, and our Home and School association to explore ideas on how to recognize our fourth grade friends as they transition to Skyview. Please see below for more information.

If the weather permits . . .

  • Fourth grade students are invited to participate in a recognition parade.
  • The parade is scheduled from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM on Friday, June 5th, with a rain date of Monday, June 8th, at the same time.
  • To avoid congestion on Route 73, please do your best to follow the below schedule:

11:00-11:20: Students with a last name between A-H

11:20-11:40: Students with a last name between I-P

11:40-12:00: Students with a last name between Q-Z

  • Please remember to be the “I” in “KIND” and respect others by social distancing.
  • Please keep your car moving.
  • If interested, please decorate your car.
  • On Monday, 6/8, fourth-grade students will be invited back to school to pick up their personal items along with a gift to remind them of their Worcester family and to wish them well as they transition to Skyview.

If the weather is inclement, a message will be sent to fourth grade families and . . .

  • On Monday, 6/8, fourth-grade students will be invited back to school to pick up their personal items along with a gift to remind them of their Worcester family and to wish them well as they transition to Skyview.

Thank you for your support, collaboration, and patience!


Brian G. Shaffer

Principal, Worcester Elementary School


Directions for Picking Up Student Belongings and Dropping Off School Materials

1. Student materials will be picked up on Monday, 6/8, OR on Tuesday, 6/9. Please enter our parking lot and form a line in front of the building (similar to our car line).

2. Please place items that need to be returned inside a box and place the box inside your trunk or storage area. Please return library books, instruments, chromebooks, and/or chromebook charging cords.

3. Please see below for the times that have been allotted for each class. With the exception of fourth grade, each classroom has been assigned to a forty-five (45) minute interval. Fourth grade students have been scheduled according to their last names. If you have more than one child, please email me at bshaffer@methacton.org and let me know what one time works best for your family. In the event that our 4th grade parade is cancelled on Friday, June 5th, please bring your fourth grade child(ren) with you at the identified time.

4. Please create a large window sign that includes the following information: last name of student(s), grade level, and teacher(s). For example, Smith - 4th - Hyman.

5. When you see a staff member approaching, please put your car in park, display your window sign in the passenger window and open the trunk or storage area. Please do not get out of the car.

6. A staff member will remove the box of items that are being returned and place your child(ren)’s personal items inside.

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A Note from Mr. Shaffer

Dear Worcester Families,

As we approach the end of the year, our teachers continue to plan instruction. The week of June 1st will be the last week for new instruction. On Friday, June 5th, teachers will post fun, review, closure activities for students in their Google Classroom.

Staying connected . . . Thank you to all of the families who participated in our Flipgrid activities over the last few weeks! Please see the link below for our staff music video. More recently, our fourth grade friends shared their favorite memories, thoughts of gratitude, and well wishes to their fellow Worcester Wolves. Please click the link below to access the video. We'd love to hear from more of our fourth graders . . . if interested, please add a video by using the link that was sent by your classroom teachers.

This week, we are inviting all of our students, families, and staff to record a brief message by clicking the link below. Please consider sharing your favorite memory from the school year, an activity that you completed at home, a random act of kindness, your greatest wish for summer . . .

Stay well, keep connected, and let's all remember to smile!

With Sincere Thoughts,

Principal Shaffer (and the Worcester Team)


Now more that ever, we must prioritize the social and emotional growth of our children. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) includes skills for correctly labeling emotions, recognizing the impact of thoughts and feelings, and understanding how emotions can affect behavior as well as physical health. The focus also includes teaching students how to have concern for others, make responsible decisions, develop healthy relationships, and effectively manage challenging situations. It will be important to teach our children how to set and work towards achieving positive goals, manage time and stress, and show empathy for others. With all of the above in mind, the Methacton elementary school counselors created a fun and colorful SEL packet to help your child practice these skills while home for the summer. Please see click below to download an electronic copy. If you would like a hard copy of this packet, it will be available on your pick up day.

A Special Thank You to . . .




On Monday, April 27, the Methacton School Board of Directors heard a presentation pertaining to full day kindergarten which is being considered for the 2022-2023 school year. You can see the presentation here: https://youtu.be/IW7c-8svqlk.

The Board is accepting questions or comments through May 31, 2020 in regards to full day kindergarten. Please email to information@methacton.org.

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MAY 29th - JUNE 4TH

  • May 30th: Henry (Kindergarten) and Vera (2nd)
  • May 31st: Sara (1st)
  • June 1st: Juniper (Kindergarten)
  • June 2nd: Caiden (4th)

Let's Remember to be the "I" in KIND

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QUESTIONS? EMAIL . . . information@methacton.org

Worcester School Pledge

Please join me in thanking 4th grade student, Claire Miller, for creating our newly adopted school pledge. Claire joined Mr. Shaffer with reciting the pledge over the intercom during morning announcements. Thank you, Claire!

Today, I promise to do my best.

I will make safe, respectful, and responsible choices.

I will have a positive attitude, include others, and be a kind friend.

I will be a good role model.

Today, I promise to make our school a better place.


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BEE the One to . . .

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Encourage, Empower, and Inspire

Thank you to all of the Worcester BEEs for encouraging our students, empowering our families, and for inspiring me each and everyday!

There any many lessons that can be learned from the honeybee. For me, the importance of community and working together for the greater good is the lesson that resonates most!