LPS Elementary Campus

Drop Off and Pick Up Information


Students can be dropped off in the morning starting at 7:10am. School starts promptly at 7:40am. Students should be in their seats ready to learn at that time, not entering the building so plan accordingly. Doors will close at 7:38. If doors are closed then students will need to enter through the front office.

Dismissal starts at 4:00pm. We expect to have all students picked up by 4:20pm (though we know we have to get the system going as the year starts first).

Safety Is The Highest Priority!

Please follow all instructions given by the staff so that we can keep everyone safe. Drive slowly and be attentive (no cell phones). Also, please be considerate of our neighbors in the montessori school and across the street.

Below you will find a map of the traffic flow that is the same for elementary in the morning for drop-off as well as in the afternoon for pick-up.

We utilize an app to help with dismissal called School Dismissal Manager (SDM). Parents will need to have this ready for the first day of school, plus you will receive one car tag to display in your window to help us get your child to the correct car more quickly. Anyone with your car tag will be authorized to pick up your child.

You should get an email from SDM to set up your account/preferences. Car tags were handed out at Meet the Teacher. If you need assistance with either SDM or a car tag, please contact Kelly Renshaw in the elementary office: krenshaw@lpsfrisco.com.

Kindergarten Information

We do allow kinder parents to walk their child to class the first day only. You can simply park and walk in watching carefully for traffic crossings. Please use the drop-off lanes from the 15th onward.


For your student to be a walker in the afternoon (where we allow them to leave the building without using carpool or bus lanes), you need to sign up on the google form. (form will close at noon on 8/13) Students with signed permission will be given a walker tag for their backpack so the staff knows they have permission to do so.

Walkers are dismissed right as school gets out, so you will need to be waiting for them at 4:00pm or they will be waiting outside by the preschool drive through in the weather until you arrive.

We are bringing morning walkers back, BUT it will be in this same area as afternoon walkers. You will need to park and walk your child to the door. A teacher will greet you and your child there. Student will go to class and parents may return to their vehicle. Doors will open here at 7:10.