Railroads,Cattle,and Agriculture

By: Kiarha, Zach McIntoch Earwood, Shawndi,Tegan

Growing, the Kansas Economy

Kansas economy grew fast and population. More settlers moved to Kansas. Small business brought life to communities and farming became staples.

The Railroad

The railroad had an impact on the west. The Elwood and maryville were the 1st compony to lay tracks in the state. Albany showed that the railroad work, and ignited railroad.
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Living in town

Abbie Bright followed her brother to south central Kansas she found out that they were living 100 miles away from the railroad. They relied on meat, they hunt. Food supplies didn't alway meet demands in Abbie world.
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The Cattle Industry Begins

They process beef close to where cattle graze.Texas cattle was allowed to run free the was a shortage of beef
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Rain Follows the Plow

Whether you lived in the country or in town,agriculture was important to Kansas. Today we know, of core, that this is not true. If farmer shad a bad year.
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Living in the Country

people living in town had quicker places. Farm families travel to regular basis. Most families came to Kansas to farm.
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Railroad and Town Development

The railroad has impact on the town. The growth of the town the railroad line resulted. Having a railroad station was important for the town.

Section Test.

1. The trail went from San Antonio,_________,to Abilene,_________. Texas, Kansas

2.Abbie Bright lived near the ________ Trail

3.Fred harvey grew up in ________

4.President __________ signed the Pacific Railroad act

5. the railroad often _______ private town site association to _______ and sell a railroad town

6.How was one of Kansas most prominent business men

a. Fred harvey

b. Abbie bright

c. cyrus k. Holliday

7. What was use for the Chisholm Trail?