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Why Pennsylvania?

You need to move to Pennsylvania! Pennsylvania is very successful because it allows economic activity to individuals such as a high percentage of arable land. Pennsylvania also surpasses other colonies with restrictions by providing civil liberty, and it gives religious freedoms unlike many of the other colonies. The colony has made progress toward social reforms, and it promotes naturalization, peace, and most applicable immigration.

Pennsylvania's History

Pennsylvania Colony was an English colony founded in North America by William Penn on March 4, 1681. King Charles II of England specified in the charter given to William Penn that the name should be Pennsylvania. This is a combination of the Latin word ' Sylvania ' meaning woodland together with Penn. Pennsylvania was called the Quaker Province because Quakers were the dominant English element, although many English settlers were Anglican. Pennsylvania is on the East Coast allowing trade with Europe as well as facilitating imperialism. Pennsylvania was involved in the wars between Great Britain and France for dominance in North America, however many Germans immigrated to the area making them second dominant to the British. Important events in Pennsylvania and the other middle colonies included The French and Indian War (1754-1763), French forts at Erie (Fort Presque Isle), Waterford (Fort LeBoeuf), Pittsburgh (Fort Duquesne), and Franklin (Fort Machault).
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