Health Assignment


1.What do you hope to accomplish during high school? I want to learn the skills to be a decent man whan i grow up.

2.What doyou see yourself doing after high school? I am probably going to a community college and getting a job, then i wold move out of my mom's house and die in like 30-4- years.

3.What do you hope your life will be like in your 20s?

I hope I'm rich and i maintain my sweg.

4.3 things you can do to improve your health. Stop eating candy. Start eating vegetables. will also stop eating cafeteria food cuz it suks bruh.

5.At home i like to play pc pames, skype, drink ginger ale and listen to music.

6.At school i like to do nothing and watch movies cuz im bored.

7.People i like to hangout with are people who are not annoying and are not super emotional.

8.I am not really good at anything,but that doesn't mean i have not worked hard to some things, and dedicated much of my time to things.

9. I like the fact can be funny sometimes. I am extremely lazy, and this is not good, I don't mean lazy by going outside but working in class and stuff. It needs to change if I am going to succeed in life.

10.Something new i'd like to try, wold be studying. I have never studied in my life, but supposively it helps your school performance, so i would like to try that sometime.

11.Add an Image of the health triangle. K.

12.What do you fell are positives and negatives of your health today?

Well i am eating some skittles so thats a negative.But skittles are delish, so i guess it's a positive.