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Thursday - September 10th, 2020

School Year Theme..."In His Hands"

I love the story of the person who plugged a power strip into itself and then could not understand why the system wouldn’t turn on! I love it because I have done exactly that, and that makes me laugh. Yet, how often do we try to “power” our own lives? We frequently think we need to be the source of our own strength, joy, peace, energy and wisdom.

I have learned I cannot rely on myself to get anything right, Christ is my power strip. He says in the Gospel of John chapter 10, “I have come that my sheep may have life, and have it abundantly.” I live abundantly, because I’m plugged into Him through prayer. He has blessed me to be a part of this wonderful community and is plugging me into the students, parents and community here in Rogers Park. Feel free to contact me when you need my assistance - whether it is school-related or personal - I am here to serve you.


Aaron Landgrave, Principal

Kudos to the faculty!!!

They are doing a great job with students in their classroom and their students who are learning at home. I want to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the students of BIA - they are plugged in to your child’s needs while they are doing five things: 1. Teaching, 2. Putting their curriculum together, 3. IT for students, 4. Therapists for parents, and 5. Office worker (copies, communicating, etc.)

Reminder to Parents:

The 2020/2021 Student and Parent Handbook is now the BIA website. The school office sent home the parents’ signature sheets yesterday with the youngest child in each family. Please sign any form that applies to your family and send it back to the teacher.

Page 27 has the Handbook Acknowledgement, Permit to Publish, and the Walking field Trip forms

Page 28 has the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology form

Page 29 has the After School Release form

Page 30 has the Permission to Administer Medication form.

We cannot administer any medication to your child without this form.

Miss Nosko's Class Shared Their Families Background With the Class. What a Wonderful Display of our Diverse World!

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Thought of the Week:

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. (We can see a smile even under a mask)

Denis Waitley

Did You Know????

Students in Grades 2-8 began a 5-8 week Coding Class this week. The instructor is teaching virtually from his home! Ask your child to tell you what they are learning! Click on the pictures below to see them in a larger size.

Mrs. McKenzie's class sure has been busy this week! Handwriting, Cursive, and Drawing New Friends...Oh, My!

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Chapel Offering:

Wednesday’s Chapel offering will be donated to Famous Fido Animal Rescue on Irving Park Road. If everyone sends in a little, we as a school can send in a lot. All chapel offerings will be given to those in need. October and November’s offerings will be given to the local food bank.

Upcoming Events:

Miss. Nosko’s birthday is Wednesday, September 16

Mrs. Acosta’s birthday is Friday, September 18

A Note From Our Director of Marketing & Enrollment - Mrs. Bateman

I'd like to thank each of you, for your patience and understanding as we take the time each morning to ensure that every student/person entering our campus is healthy and ready for learning. A benefit to these morning check-ins is that we now have the opportunity to say "good morning" to each student and...many, many families.

While our K/1 and 2/3 classes are full (our waitlist is open), we are actively promoting our preschool, 4/5, and 6-8th grades. If you have family or friends who are interested in five day, in-person learning, please direct them to myself ( or have them call the school office. Once again, we'd love an introduction and thank you for your continued support of Bethesda.

Now that the school year is underway, we'd love to hear what types of activites you'd like to see happen at BIA. While many may be virtual right now, we'd like to get the wheels turning on activities we can do throughout the year. Maybe it's a virutal trivia night or a Bingo night, or maybe it's a movie night on the church lawn. Email me at and let me know what your family would like to participate in. I can't wait to hear your ideas!

This week, Pastor Bacon led the school in chapel. Thank you, Pastor Bacon, for sharing God's word with us!

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