Two Dead By Gunshot

*Obituary for the Deceased*

The Highwayman

The Highwayman died in mid September, 1768 on horseback near the old Inn. He was a hardworking man; his current occupation until death was a robber, a bandit, a highwayman. You may remember him by how he dressed; always in a smart suit of purple/red velvet, lace at his chin, and thigh high boots. He also wore a rapier and a pistol at his hip, decorated with gold and jewels. It is said that he was shot by the redcoats and died with revenge burning in heart; for the British killed his lover/girlfriend Bess the Landlord's daughter. He is not survived by anyone.

The Highwayman's Horse is in need of a new home;If interested, contact the Redcoats

Bess, The Landlord's Daughter

Bess died the same night as her lover the Highwayman; mid September, 1768. She was a beautiful young women with long dark hair and black/brown eyes. She killed herself, only to warn her love, the Highwayman. She was extremely brave and courageous. She is survived by her father, the Landlord. Please keep her family in your prayers; Bess will be greatly missed.