Mapping the road to my future

Samantha Mathews

Career Goals

I want to graduate from high school and I also want to graduate from college, then become a coach after. My short term goal is to pass 9th grade then all the others, and my long term goal is to graduate high school and get a scholarship to a college, preferably Texas A&M.

Skills and Acheivements

Some of my skills include, I work well with others when it comes to working as a team. I can be a good leader if it is me leading something that I enjoy. I help others, and can teach them what to do.

My College

I want to go to Texas A&M. I need a bachelors of science degree, and it will cost around $22,470 per year.

My obstacles

I'm going to need to pay for my books, balancing a job and go to college at the same time, and keep good grades and a high gpa.

Steps to success

I need to pass all of my staar test, I want to get a scholarship to go to TAMU get a degree, and start coaching.