"School Policy"

Adina S, Kalee G,Dalia C,Josh S

"High School"

Welcome to High School were you learn to become somewhat an adult, were you learn discipline by following the most admired " School Policy".

Dress Code

Are you tired of seeing Jamie those jeggings showing of her physic features?

Are you tired of seeing Tom wear tank tops showing of his guns/muscles?

These people have become such a distraction in class to a point where you can not concentrate on your school work because you can not stop looking at johns guns or Jamie's bod and your scared it might get to point where your failing the class?


Do not worry fair well students and teachers we have gotten a solutions.

First, for the first month of school we will see if everyone follows dress code, the consequence of being out of dresscode is getting I.S.S for day and if by the time of the end of the month 20 people get dresscoded. We will be switching to uniforms, I am sure will not have to worry about any rebels, but if you do decided to become one and break dresscode in uniforms for examples to much unnecessary accessories you will get 2 days of I.S.S or lunch detention for a whole week.

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Are you teachers tired of students forgetting there ID's or not having them in a visible place?


We'll have no worries, we got a great solution. We have decided that everyone will get a tattoo ID number that will last the whole school year and it should stay visible everyday.

And if some students decide not comply or if you find a way to get taken off you will get 30 days of A.D.P. Students look at your the bright side you probably get you first tattoo.

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Off Campus Food

Teachers are you tired of Tomie leaving school during lunch and always getting away with it, and coming to class with his bag of Canes or Chipotle bragging about it?

Solution: Campus Food

Well of course we have a solution, well we already have a teacher at every door, to make it better we will get extra officers and they will also be one at every door.

And the consequences of leaving school will be you will get I.S.S for a day and you get booted of your payed parking spot and no refunds the only way you can get your car back on the school parking is either to tell on someone who is skipping school or leaving for off campus lunch but you still have to pay $5 for parking space again.

iPad policy

Teachers are you tired of the students always on there iPads playing candy crush or some type of activity that does not involve school work escpecially while your teaching?

Students are you tired of that one kid who has no boundaries and his or she is looking at inappropriate websites next you?

Solution: IPad

Well, we have a Lisd App Store with no games to make sure everyone downloads educational apps like prezi and Google drive.

And if you watch or do inappropriate stuff on the web Siri will give you a warning and if you get more than 3 warnings you get your iPad taken away for a month and you have a web camera that watches over your activities to see if you deserve to have through the year.

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A non-distraction safer school.