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October 14, 2016

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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November 1 - New Date - Cookie Dough Pick-up

November 21-22 Parent-teacher conferences

November 23-25 No school

News You Can Use!

Next week we will begin our government unit in Social Studies. The students will be able to make some connections to the upcoming elections.

There will be a change in spelling, while the students will have their words for the upcoming week on Friday, the class will have the spelling sorts on Monday.

The PTA received notice yesterday in the afternoon that there is a delay in the cookie dough delivery date. Cookie dough pick up WILL NOT be Tuesday, October 18th but has been rescheduled for TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1STFROM 4:30PM TO 7PM IN THE MACKEBEN GYM.

Mrs. Karl sent me two links for what the students are working on in music. Please take a look and listen.

PAWS Pride

PAWS Pride

This week our PAWS Pride lesson focused on conflict resolution. The students discussed some simple rules to solve a problem and watched a short video on what can happen if these steps aren't followed. The activities will allow the students an ability to prevent, manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts in constructive ways.

Literacy by Austin

WALT statement: We learned to use cause and effect to help us read.

Monday: NO School

Tuesday: In the morning we did our cursive sheet. Then it was math. After math we did snack and read aloud. After that we did read to self, worked in reading groups, and did the Horned Toad Prince work sheet. We then went to lunch, and after lunch we did our WOW/DOL sheet. Then we reviewed cause and effect. At the end of the day we wrote an example paragraph.

Wednesday: In the morning, we did key boarding. After math we did snack an red aloud. Then we reviewed cause and effect. We then did our WOW/DOL sheet. Then we did our September goal party: A movie, pajama, pizza party!

Thursday: In the morning we did keyboarding. After math and lunch we did our WOW/DOL sheet. Then we did our affix review. After that we did guided reading and our kid blog post. At the end of the day, we reviewed how to write a great paragraph.

Friday: At the beginning of the day, we did cursive handwriting. Then we went to an assembly. Then we did snack and read aloud. We then did our WOW/DOL sheet. Then we did our spelling pretest. Lastly we took our reading test.

Math by Ashlyn

The WALT (We Are Learning To/That) statements for this unit are fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers, for Mrs. Hassles class it it to use place values and properties to multiply mentally, and for Mrs. Jacobs class it is using stratigies and compensation. On Tuesday, we learned more about exponents and multiplicatioin! Mrs. Price taught us more about multiplying with exponents! On Wednesday, we learned what an overestimate and an underestimate was! It's basically when the estimate is over the real answer or under the real answer. On Thursday, we were taught the "Partial Product" multiplication method! It is a new way to multiply for this year! And on Friday, we practiced more of the new "Partial Products" method. Well, thats it for this week! I was so glad to tell you about what we did in math this week! :)

Science by Maverick

Hi! My name is Maverick. I will be your news reporter. I am reporting on SCIENCE! The Walt Statement is "Structures and behaviors and how they help or affect the animal.

So, on Monday we had off.

It was Columbus Day. On Tuesday we were working on our posters for our animal adaptations. We also could do clay. On Wednesday we did not have science because we earned a pizza,pj and movie party for the day. So, on Thursday we started to present our poster or clay model.

On Friday we're just presenting more projects. Zaid's project was adapting a jellyfish to the Northern Forest. I hope to see you project soon!

Music by Kassandra

Learning our notes at Music.On Tuesday we named notes on the staff.We had poly spots and we would throw them on the staff carpet we also got points and had teams.Then on Thursday we recorded To Stop the Train and made cool video out of it. It was a fun week at Music.

P.E. by Maggie

Hi, I'm going tell you about what we did in P.E. this week. On Monday we were not here but on Tuesday we did stations for badminton and pickleball. ( ps. Pickleball and Badminton is our unit ). Then, on Wednesday we had a running day! On Thursday, We did color tag and the Green team won ( Zaid , Madison , Lily , Arun , Ashlyn , and Myesa ) and then we had extra time so did sharks an Minos. Finally , on Friday we did relay games.Sad to say are student teacher Mr.D has to leave but luckily we have a new one coming Mr.Boring ! So I hope you have a good weekend and had a an good week!

Art by Naomi

In art we worked on finishing our Notans and then when everyone finished that we did a blind contour and that is where we don't look at what we're drawing but we have to looknat what we're drawing.