Pillowcases of Hope

Group 3: Major Engagers


Did you know that one out of eight children are abused or neglected. Last year 3.2 million children were taken from there homes. Often they are taken out of their homes with nothing but the clothes on their body. Homes for for abused or neglected children need help getting supplies. All children need some love, hope, and care. Through Pillowcases of Hope you can make that happen.

About Pillow Cases of Hope:

So we decided to create pillowcases of hope. Pillowcases of hope gets pillowcases and basic supplies and fun stuff and puts it in pillowcases to give to the abused children. The things were going to put in the pillowcases are toothbrushes, toothpaste, blankets,stuff animals, books, craft and coloring utensils, soap, hairbrushes, candy/treats, journal and pen, and socks.

Goal Statement

Our goal: to reduce the emotional toll of children that live in homes for abused and neglected children by providing Pillowcases of Hope, that have basic resources and fun items too.

Why this is important:

3.2 million children are abused each year. These kids have been through alot of hardships and we want to help them be happy and have a better life. we want to lift there spirits. We want to help. They have been beaten,cut,and burnt and we want to cheer them up.

How to take action:

A lot of kids get abused each year. When the kids get taken out of their homes they leave with nothing. That's why Pillowcases Of Hope is trying to solve that problem. We are gathering basic supplies and putting them in a pillowcase, then we give them to the children in need. You can help too! By donating supplies such as toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc., or you can share about what we're doing. That's all you have to do to change a child's life!
iEngage 2017: Pillowcases of Hope